Kamil Durczok is fighting for health. “I went in a different direction than the hospital”

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Kamil Durczok there is no good luck. Recent he spent years rebuilding the media image, which was ruined after “Wprost” published a series of revealing rather shocking articles. The journalist decided to fight for his good name by court.

Unfortunately, life likes to write different scenarios. In 2016, Kamil Durczok under the influence of alcohol caused a collision on the A1 highway, for 12 years in prison. Journalist he then admitted on Twitterthat has problems with alcohol.

Not so long ago, the media received news of Fr. counterfeiting bills of exchange by a journalist. He was detained, and the prosecution charged him. All these events could have affected the health of the former head of “Facts”. As it turned out lately, the journalist was hospitalized.

Kamil Durczok returned to Facebook. “Durczok vs mother’s disease 1: 0”

Photo: MW Media

Kamil Durczok broke the silence

In mid-June this year Kamil Durczok announced his disappearance from the media. everything should be his health. The journalist said goodbye for a while in a Facebook post.

After less than a month break, Kamil Durczok communicated with the fans. This time he gave them good news.

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He also appealed to internet users not to forget that they would have presidential elections on Sunday.

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Many words of support appeared in the comments.

Our editorial team joins the wishes. We wish Kamil Durczok a lot of health and peace.

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