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Japanese actress Kanda Shayajia fell to her death in the Sapporo Hotel on the 18th at the age of 35. She is the daughter of Seiko Matsuda and Masaki Kanda. In recent years, she succeeded in getting rid of the second generation of stars and became popular, but she died on the day of the stage play. Recently, she was exposed by the weekly magazine as a suicide note during her lifetime, which shocked all walks of life.

▲Kanda Shaya’s suicide note was exposed, and a friend broke out that she was emotionally broken because of her boyfriend Mae Yama’s cheating. (Picture/Retrieved from Twitter)

Before marriage is submitted to

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According to the Japanese media “Weekly Bunchun”, Kanda Shaya left two suicide notes in the hotel room during his lifetime, one to the office and one to his 5-year-old boyfriend Maeyama Gohisa. She and her husband met in August due to a musical collaboration, and they had a serious relationship on the premise of marriage. They started taking tranquilizers because of the psychiatric department in private. The mood fluctuated fiercely. Later, on her boyfriend’s suggestion, she tried to reduce the dose. However, the boyfriend later Sudden personality change.

▲▼Kanda Shaya's suicide note was exposed, and her boyfriend Maeyama just cheated and broke her.  (Picture/Retrieved from Twitter)

▲Sayaka Kanda and Takahisa Maeyama met because of their collaboration in the stage play “The Emblem of the King’s Family”, and they submitted their relationship before getting married. (Picture/Retrieved from Twitter)

Boyfriend cheated and swears to disconnect

A friend familiar with the matter revealed that after Kanda Shaya and Maeyama had been dating for a long time, her boyfriend continued to send LINE messages to her ex-girlfriend, Miss A, including “It’s better to be child A,” and he was hit hard. She asked her boyfriend to sign and seal the affidavit, vowing to sever all relations with her ex-girlfriend in the future, and will take care of her emotionally traumatized until she recovers.

Witnessed a conversation between boyfriend and ex-girlfriend LINE

However, Maeyama sent a message to Miss A “Finally broke up! Laugh” and revealed to the woman that she had broken up with Kanda Sha also, and the woman kept smiling back, and this conversation was also witnessed by Kanda Shaya. All Patience has also reached its limit. In addition to the unsatisfactory relationship with her boyfriend, and seven years with his mother, Seiko Matsuda, the throat has been in trouble again, and he continues to suffer various blows.

Message to the man from the suicide note

In the Sapporo Hotel room, Kanda Sha also added a postscript left to her boyfriend: “It’s not good to be too tough with women. I really want to live together in Katsuya (Katsuoka). The two have a good relationship and give birth to a baby. I just I love you from the bottom of my heart”, but the man has changed his heart, and his hopes for the future have all been lost.

On the 22nd, Maeyama Takahisa expressed his condolences to Kanda Sayaka through his brokerage company, “We have been serious and talked about the future”, “I hope Kanda Sayaka can keep a beautiful smile in heaven, and sincerely pray for her.” During the performance, he learned that the woman had fallen from a building, and now she was shocked and looked haggard. The contents of the suicide note that had been revealed by the weekly magazine had already been discussed on the Japanese website, and his official Twitter was now shutting down outside messages. The “Tokyo Sports Daily” broke the news that he has been changed roles in the stage play. People familiar with the matter said, “It is difficult to return from the observation of himself and the current state, and he may also retire.”

▲▼Kanda Shaya's suicide note was exposed, and her boyfriend Maeyama just cheated and broke her.  (Picture/Retrieved from Twitter)

▲Maeyama just recognized the relationship with Kanda Shaya for a long time, and he is afraid to retire about the content of the weekly news. (Picture/Retrieved from Twitter)

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