Kang Ye-won’s official position Why?

Kang Ye-won’s official position Why?

JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’

While actress Kang Ye-won revealed her real age through an official position, the controversy over the loss of freesia is being re-examined.

Kang Ye-won was a sophomore in Hanyang University’s vocal music department in 2001. After appearing in a commercial as a street casting, she appeared in Lee Young-ja’s diet video as ‘diet girl’ and caught the attention of SBS’ adult sitcom Honey! He debuted as an actor after being selected for Honey!

He made his mark in Haeundae, the movie that drew 10 million viewers in 2009, and later became popular by appearing in the 2010 movie Harmony.

Meanwhile, Kang Ye-won was embroiled in a stop loss controversy when she deleted the traces of Song Ji-ah (Freesia), who was shocked by the recent fake controversy, from her SNS.

Kang Ye-won, who is also the co-representative of Song Ji-ah’s agency Hyowon CNC, deleted all the photos and videos she took with Song Ji-ah on social media and closed the comment window, raising curiosity.

Kang Ye-won is the co-representative of Song Ji-ah’s agency, Hyowon CNC, and appeared with Song Ji-ah in the recently aired JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’. Also, on personal SNS, she called Song Ji-ah “my sister” and showed affection.

The consistent attitude of silence was disappointing.

In addition, Kang Ye-won was born on March 15, 1980 and is known to be 43 years old, but her real age is that she was born on March 15, 1979 and is 44 years old.

In this regard, an official from J-Wide Company, the agency currently in charge of Kang Ye-Won’s management, told iMBC Entertainment, “Kang Ye-Won was born in 1979. The part known to be born in 1980 has been passed down from his previous agency.” came,” he said.

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