Kansas City Chiefs: Super Bowl Ring for Coach Andy Reid Chance of “Free Cheeseburgers”

Master coach Andy Reid and his Kansas City Chiefs received their Super Bowl rings seven months after triumphing in the NFL professional football league. “You wear it on special occasions,” said head coach Reid even before the trophies were handed over, “or if you want a free cheeseburger. You just show it, maybe there will be one.”

The special piece of jewelery is adorned with 234 diamonds.

The number of Chiefs (60) and NFL seasons (100) to date, the club’s play-off appearances (22) and title wins (2) were also included.

Among other things, a 50 can be seen on the ring, as the Chiefs needed half a century after their first success (1970) for the next.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who led the Chiefs to a 31:20 over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL final in early February, focused on another ring on Tuesday.


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