Kanye West has a crazy house built in Wyoming

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Kim’s husband never ends his love for Wyoming. Kanye West has just obtained the building permit for his new residence on his Cody ranch, a pharaonic project…

Admittedly his status as a billionaire gives him excessive resources, but Kanye West’s passion for Wyoming, his favorite state, has an effect that pushes him into excess. While he already owns 2 ranches there and plans to repatriate his factories to Cody, the future president of the United States gives himself the means to settle down for good in the region. He has just obtained the permit to build a new home on his ranch in Cody, his stronghold in Wyoming, where he should settle. The rapper, who owns 2 properties in this state, continues the projects in this rural area where he intends to create jobs and get involved for the community. The TMZ website gives more information on the scope of the White House candidate’s project.

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An amazing project

According to the American media which obtained the plans for the project, Kanye West plans to build a huge 4,800 m2 palace facing the lake where he can settle his family. In addition to this, he plans to install 2 underground garages of 900 m2 and he would have had the agreement to build 2 houses by the lake on the site of those already present. A colossal site therefore, but small flat because it would seem that the West family must be very careful with the drainage system. Yeszus will therefore have to obtain other permits before starting work. If they hope to start work quickly, this project may take time, perhaps more than for the construction of their Los Angeles villa in Hidden Hills which had taken 4 years to complete, and which they had resold at $ 18 million.

Some disagreements in his relationship

On July 4, Kanye West announced his candidacy for the US presidential election on his networks, and although his wife Kim Kardashian supported him, she would not agree with all of his statements, or decisions. In a recent interview for the magazine Forbes, the 43-year-old rapper had expressed himself on various subjects, and had given his disapproving opinion on abortion and vaccination in particular. According to a family friend, Kim would not at all agree with certain opinions of her husband. This witness told the media Entertainment Tonight : “Kanye’s family will always support him in his projects. But his relatives are also worried about him. Kanye tends to overwork physically, emotionally and psychologically and does not take the time to rest to start fresh. ” She went on to say: “Kanye’s family supports him in his White House race plan, but disagrees with this recent interview ”, before insisting that the fact that Kim will always support her husband.

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