Kanye West reportedly living in Atlanta stadium until “DONDA” releases

While waiting for the release of his new project DONDA, Kanye West would have set up his quarters in Atlanta, in the stadium which hosted his listening.

Decidedly, the life of Kanye West seems tumultuous, these last days. While his fans anxiously await the release of his new album DONDA, delivered during an unprecedented listening live from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Friday, the artist, he would have settled in the stadium. In any case, until the next release of his album, indicate several sources relayed by TMZ.

In short, he would work within the enclosure on his album, he would have his own accommodation and even a personal chef who would prepare his meals. A hallucinating story that does not even surprise fans of the artist, used to extravagance of all kinds of Kanye West. Moreover, the artist attended an Atlanta United FC football match this weekend, masked… but spotted.

Kanye West : DONDA will arrive in august

As for the album, we will have to wait a few more weeks before it is unveiled suggests Justin Laboy. A new release date has reportedly been set for August 6. “He wants to give his fans the best possible product without rushing anything. He loves you with all his heart ”, he relays in a tweet written all in all caps.

Until then, it is highly likely that the album will take on a completely different face again. As a reminder, between the two listening sessions organized respectively in Las Vegas and then in Atlanta, the album was completely modified: the featurings and the tracklist were no longer the same. Knowing that some verses were sent during the day of Friday, we can therefore expect that Kanye West will take a little time, and perspective, to heal this new album.

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