Karen Martínez and her suggestive yoga poses that steal attention

Karen Martínezsinger’s wife Juanes, He surprised his followers by sharing in his stories a part of his exercise when performing yoga dmouthing more than one for their suggestive poses.

Chechi, as it is best known, demonstrated the ability and strength he has to perform some poses. In addition, he made it clear that age passes him by, since at 40 he is still as radiant.

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He also took advantage of the routine to take a photo and upload it to your official Instagram account.

The new presenter of Factor X 2020, a program paused due to the pandemic, has also been characterized in social networks for its discipline and perseverance when exercising, positioning her as one of the healthiest and most beautiful women in the country.

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So much so, that on several occasions it has caused a trend in social networks for its toned figure and radiant energy.

Actually, La Chechi He is serving isolation next to his family in his house located in Miami, United States.


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