Karim Benzema meets the new trident: he will charge as Eden Hazard

Some meringues fans may have forgotten the tug of war they maintained Zinedine Zidane with some of the players who tried to make his life miserable in the Real Madrid, but the truth is that several of them are still linked to the Concha Espina club and one very specifically, at the hands of his agent, has just confirmed his return to the entity of the Santiago Bernabéu in the 21/22; soon, Karim Benzema already knows with whom he forms a new duo in the attack.

And it is that the once hated (in Madrid) agent of Gareth Bale, Jonathan Barnett, has returned to speak about the future of the Welsh player, laying the foundations for the imminent future of the captain of the British team, already dismounted from the Eurocup (lost 0-4 to Denmark). As well, the representative of the Real Madrid player has made things very clear: “As I said from the beginning, there is no option when dealing with Tottenham. Gareth has no agreement, he has a contract with Real Madrid ”, he commented to Standard Sport.

And the news at the White Coliseum couldn’t be more dire. In terms of numbers for the merengue club, the return of the Welshman means paying 15 million clean, about 30 total, as salary, a figure similar to that perceived by Eden Hazard. If both emoluments, which some analysts already predict as uncultivated, without reconversion on the field of play, are confronted with the deficit situation of the coffers of the Spanish entity, the drama ignites in Chamartín.

Bear in mind that few players excite the Real Madrid fans less than Bale and Hazard and both are the two highest paid players in the squad, they have a current contract and almost no option to leave the team this summer, then not only do they financially burden the club, making possible signings very difficult, but they stand as the spearhead of a project that comes from a resounding failure last season, where Madrid did not win any trophies (they lost in the Champions League semifinals against Chelsea and lost the league to less than Atlético de Madrid), and that two seasons ago, in 18/19, he had one of the worst campaigns in his history. Could there be a less hopeful future for Madrid?

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