Karine Lalieux, new Minister of Pensions, has one year to produce a reform: “Let’s stop scaring the Belgians”

In the government agreement, there is mention of a pension reform for September 2021. This means that nothing is kept of the work of the twelve experts of a few years ago, sponsored, for the record, by Alexander De Croo and among which sat Frank Vandenbroucke?

The agreement indeed charges the Minister of Pensions that I am to postpone a pension reform for September next year. There were different working groups, different avenues. Everything is not to be thrown away, but there are things that will not be withheld such as the points pension.

Does this mean that you are going to reconvene a commission of experts?

No, we don’t have time for that. I consult a lot of people, experts, university professors. I will be enriched by all of this. Then, I will work with my administration which is remarkable and has a real know-how. I will first build a method. No more slogans, symbolic decisions like the pension at 67. We need stability in terms of reform. We have launched a lot of things without having measured the potential, effectiveness and sustainability of these measures; we scared a lot. We must restore the confidence of citizens on this subject. You have to work seriously. There will be social dialogue, specific working groups, also an employment conference, with Minister Dermagne, in the first quarter of 2021, as well as micro and macroeconomic studies, etc.

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