Karl Dall: cult comedian had a stroke

Karl Dall
Cult comedian had a stroke

Karl Dall, here at the “Kölner Treff”, had a stroke

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Karl Dall’s daughter has confirmed that the presenter, comedian, actor and singer has suffered a stroke.

It was recently announced that shooting for the ARD telenovela “Rote Rosen” had to be interrupted because of a suspected stroke in Karl Dall (79, “Jux & Dallerei”). Janina Dall Nenadic (46), the Daughter of the German cult comedian and all-round talent has now confirmed the RTL broadcasterthat it was actually a stroke.

Dall suffered a stroke with cerebral haemorrhage on “November 11th in Lüneburg,” according to a statement. “Thanks to quick medical help, he was able to be operated on immediately. The doctors are confident.” Together they hope “that Karl will soon get back on his feet”.

“We are very concerned about Karl’s unexpected illness. The shooting so far has been extremely committed and funny. We are now keeping our fingers crossed for Karl for his speedy recovery and assuring him and his wife all the support we can offer as his production studio” Rote Rosen “producer Jan Diepers from Studio Hamburg Serienwerft explained earlier.


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