Karolina Gilon refrains from building a house! The reason is very … prosaic

Karolina Gilon (31) has known for a long time what house she would like to build. Unfortunately, it constantly postpones the implementation of plans, because it lacks one important element.

Karolina Gilon saw her dream home in hot Spain during the first edition of the “Love Island. Wyspa Miłości” program.

– I dream of a house with a flat roof. I would like it to be glazed all over and have a view of beautiful landscapes. I like spaces so it will be a big house. Maybe not as much as the villa “Love Island”, but large. I am already at a stage where I could move somewhere near a big city. I would like to have my sacred and spend a lot of time there – Gilon told us.

Although the Polsat star has everything to start construction, it is still holding it back.

– I think about it more and more, but I thought that maybe I would like to build such a house with my other half in the future. Maybe I will leave this house to create it with someone – she added.

The host of the “Love Island. Island of Love” program is sure that in her garden she will have … a greenhouse with vegetables.

Pomponik is the media patron of “Love Island. The Island of Love”.

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