Karpovich in a flowing pink dress showed slender legs

The actress appeared in a romantic way while walking on a wooden ship.

Miroslava Karpovich. Photo: instagram.com/m1r0slava_karpovich/

Miroslava Karpovich now rarely in the movies. A girl from Berdyansk gained popularity when she starred in Daddy’s Daughters. Then she built a career as a model, but in the end she now plays in the theater. And a year ago it became known that the actress had an affair with Pavel Priluchny. Then the star of “Major” only divorced Agatha Muceniece. He immediately went on vacation with a new passion and his children. At first, Agatha was worried, and then wished the couple happiness.

Priluchny himself prefers not to talk about his personal life, like Karpovich. However, the actor often makes romantic surprises for the girl. And recently they flew on vacation together. They do not publish joint photos, but at the same time they live in the same hotel and share shots from the same locations. So the day before, Miroslava boasted of breakfast, and also climbed a palm tree. Now she decided to share a shot from the boat trip.

The girl posed on a wooden ship in a pink flowing dress. The outfit highlighted her slender and tanned legs. She stood alone at the bow of the ship.

“Assolyushka” – wrote the actress.

Miroslava Karpovich. Photo: instagram.com/m1r0slava_karpovich/

Earlier, Pavel shared photos from the same ship. Apparently, they repeated the romantic walk and arranged a photo session. Karpovich dressed up for her lover, highlighting her beauty. Fans, in turn, noticed that Priluchny’s eyes were burning. Many admitted that they had not seen him so happy for a long time.

Pavel Priluchny. Photo: instagram.com/bugevuge/

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