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Kart Rider Drift music video released… Participated in music powerhouse Oh My Girl

LINE FRIENDS has released the second music video ‘Say it to me’ of Nexon’s anticipated ‘Kart Rider: Drift’ with girl group OH MY GIRL.

The music video ‘Say it to me’, which was planned and produced by Line Friends directly, features the three girl power characters of Kart Rider, ‘DIZ’, ‘MARID’, and ‘KRIS’, which you could not see before. It was reinterpreted as a girl group with a new charm and personality, and it sensibly captured the appearance of a surprise transformation.

Through this music video, Line Friends showed that they are familiar with characters in kart rider games such as Disney, who values ​​deceleration and cornering because of their cautious personality, Marid, who is a power rider as much as she is confident, and Chris, who is a hot-blooded villain but plays smart racing. It was reinterpreted as a ‘Girl Crush’ character with a different look that confidently expresses their charms according to the style.

The music video’s sound source is a combination of the candid and confident girl-crush charms of the characters transformed into a girl group and the charming voices of Oh My Girl’s members Hyojeong, Yua, and Jiho, creating a strong addiction.

This collaboration is a part of the strategic partnership that Line Friends signed with Nexon for KartRider’s global IP business. Last month, with NCT 127, the music video ‘FREEZE’ of the character ‘DAO’ of the ‘hot-blooded boy’ was released. Since its release, Line Friends has even introduced the animated series ‘STARTING LINE’, which contains the story of six people including Disney and Baechi before becoming racers. In this way, Line Friends has shown not only the individuality of each Kart Rider character, but also the close relationship. It is receiving a lot of attention by continuously releasing animations and new music videos with a high-quality story where the setting and all the characters come together at the ‘Legend Cup Grand Prix’.

Seo Dong-min, reporter for Hankyung.com Game Talk

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