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Kast affirms that he works with teams of former candidates from the center-right and opens up to a possible “joint cabinet”



The presidential candidate of the Christian Social Front, José Antonio Kast, affirmed this day that is working with the teams of the former candidates of the center-right with a view to the government plan that will be presented this Tuesday and also stressed that “Nothing prevents” his eventual cabinet from presenting gender parity.

Speaking to Mega, and asked if his party has the capacity to fill the nearly 3,000 positions of public officials, he indicated that “the Republican Party is a party that is being born, and we alone have no capacity to govern, because, Furthermore, we do not have the experience, but this is done together ”.

Required by his words, Kast amended his statement, noting that “Yes we have all the capacity to govern, today we do not have the capacity as a party. We would have to place all the militants, and it is not the idea to take over the government with a single party, we want to expand ”, he highlighted.

In this regard, he pointed out that “Today part of this presidential candidacy is working with the teams of (the former candidates) Ignacio Briones (Evópoli), Joaquín Lavín (UDI), Mario Desbordes (RN), Sebastián Sichel (independent). We have summoned people who are from the Christian Democracy, we invite any other political sector that wants to participate in this government, to collaborate with us, the best of each one, this is a broad project, a project that seeks to convene the best of all sectors ”.

Asked if he has someone in mind to occupy the position of interior minister of winning in the second round on December 19, Kast answered “yes” but refused to reveal his name.

However, he pointed out to his interviewers: “Today you had two great women here (the former undersecretary Paula Daza and the mayor of Providencia Evelyn Matthei), I would love for them to be part of the cabinet, but I’m not going to say in what position ”.

Precisely, both showed this day willing to take on a potential Kast cabinet. “José Antonio Kast is going to win and she (Daza) is going to be the Minister of Health and I am going to be the Minister of the Interior,” said Matthei – laughing – during the interview.

Joint Cabinet

On the other hand, in statements to CNN, the Republican standard-bearer reiterated that it was “a mistake” to try to eliminate the Ministry of Women and merge it with the Ministry of Social Development and Family, at the same time He highlighted the possibility that an eventual cabinet of his may present gender parity.

“We are working on that. We want to tell you that you don’t need a law for parity. As a party, while I worked, we had a directive that was joint. Therefore, nothing prevents a cabinet council from being equal “Kast noted.

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