Kata! The clip leaked “Alek Teeradet” with a girl who looks like “Bow Melda” walking in the mall.

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October 16, 2021 – 10:49

Kata! clip dropped “Alek Theeradej” with a girl who looks like “Bow Melda” shopping mall

After having a famous page like throwing the remote out to open a hot issue By posting a message to catch the eye of Phra-Nang Chongdang secretly dating quietly This minute, netizens are aiming at the pair of young hero tee Alek Theeradej with a young female protagonist joining the channel Bow Melda After the day before, I just got caught in the news that we went to the mall together. But pushing for smooth walking and talking on the phone on different floors But in the end, on the way back, the hero drove to pick up the heroine in the car to go back together.

Recently, a good hand has released a clip on social media again, which is a clip of young Alek with a girl who looks like a Bow Melda girl with a female confidant. both friends and mother Let’s go to eat in private, even though I can’t see the face of the female protagonist clearly because she sits with her back to the camera. But with the aura, beauty, model, and close friend girl sitting next to Alek’s young man I guess that pretty girl is definitely Bow Melda.

At this event, the cheerleaders will definitely be cheering a lot. After a long time Well, it’s clear evidence like this. Whoever thought it was too far But no matter how far the relationship between the two has reached, it’s best to wait to hear from the mouths of both of them.

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