Kate del Castillo on her relationship with Luis García: she lived in fear


Mexico City / 18.11.2020 14:06:18

Kate del Castillo, famous Mexican actress, spoke about her stormy relationship with her first husband, the former soccer player Luis García, with whom he suffered from domestic violence, as revealed The Queen of the South in Red Table Talk: The Estefans.

Del Castillo married García Postigo in 2001; However, the physical assault he suffered caused the relationship to end in 2004.

During episode 6, Del Castillo expressed that the Dr. Garciait was very funny, fascinating, charming… but then he would cry himself tired, hug me and get on his knees saying ‘please, please’Forgive me, I need help. ‘

The actress assured that “I was very in love and rI really tried to do everything to make (things) work”Even on the honeymoon, she waited for Garcia to fall asleep so she could go out and cry; “I did not know what to do”.

Kate only remembers the fear she felt of Luis García, because when he came home she pretended to be asleep and only listened to his heartbeat.

“He was a different man. I was literally afraid (of Garcia). I remember being asleep, well, pretending I was asleep, and hearing the keys and my heart would go boom boom boom! “

In addition, the actress stated that in occasions the He hit, kicked and in several of them tried to strangle her; but it was not only a physical issue, but also a mental one.

“This man broke me, I thought I had a strong self-esteem, I was an actress, I lived happily with my parents and suddenly, he destroyed me in every possible way, even at my job she told me that I had to take acting classes, that I was a lousy actress, go to school.

Kate del Castillo broke the silence after several years and decided to talk about the torment she experienced; a relationship in which “I was practically kidnapped and that was only a year and a half that they felt like 10 years with this guy ”.



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