Kate Middleton’s favorite exercises to keep fit

The Duchess of Cambridge impresses with her chiseled figure.

Kate Middleton. Photo: Global Look Press

Kate Middleton – mother of three children. From a young age, she was distinguished by a fit figure, and even after the birth of the royal heirs, she amazes fans with an ideal form. How does she do it? It is known that the Duchess pays great attention to her nutrition, as well as sports.

Kate’s list of all kinds of sports options is dominated by five. Running comes first. Duchess goes for outdoor jogging daily. In addition, Prince William’s wife is excellent canoeing and skiing.

The Duchess is often spotted by fans of the royal family in the stands of Wimbledon. But she loves tennis not only as a spectator. It is known that Middleton has her own tennis coach, and she spends several hours a week on the courts. Kate Middleton also does not miss the opportunity to look into the fitness room. There she devotes time to cardio training and crossfit, as well as yoga. Writes about it She.

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