Katsuhide Uekusa “3000 Yen Love Hotel” Disappointment of affair coverage … “It’s so cheap” “It’s bad at the time of birth” and disappointment one after another | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

 3moon31Daily delivery “FRIDAYIn “Digital”, “Junior team“member·Katsuhide Uekusa“Love hotel”AffairWas reported.SNSThen, there are a lot of disappointing voices about planting.

According to media reports, the partner of the planting is30A female president in her late teens.Event planningPRI run a company that does business, and I plant grassYouTubeIt is said that it is also cooperating with live distribution of Instagram and Instagram.

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last year12Late May and this year2moon,2The peopleLove hotelThe magazine witnessed entering.Both break2From time2In half an hour3000It also reports that it was in the yen range and was reasonably priced.

Uekusa denied the magazine’s direct hit, saying, “I’m not dating.”2When asked that a person went to a love hotel, he said, “No, I haven’t!”

“This is not the first time Uekusa’s affair has been reported.1994First marriage in the year,2I had two children,2010Divorced in the year. after that,2013He remarried his wife in the year and has a daughter.

“Weekly Women”2014year4moon29In the daily issue, a friendDivorce with ex-wife is Uekusa’s affairDVWas the causeI testify. It was his wife who was reported as an affair partner at this time.

It was also reported that Uekusa became reluctant to pay child support to her ex-wife when her daughter was born.My wife is the president of a family-owned company, and I don’t think he’s in trouble with money.……(Entertainment journalist)

In addition to the affair report again, the place where it was taken is “3000A disappointing feeling of “circle love hotel”.SNSThen, there are a series of disappointing voices saying that the plants are “cheap”.

《A very cheap story including the planter himself

“Because I’m a former star”

《It ’s a bad life to not admit that it ’s been suppressed when it comes out of a love hotel many times.》

 2020A yearJohnny’sAfter leaving the office, we haven’t heard much of a remarkable activity. “The” scoring book “of Johnny’s leaving talent” that was once published in this magazine (2021year11moon2In the daily issue), the current estimated annual income is about700Ten thousand yen.

At that time, an advertising agency official said in an interview with this magazine, “I can’t deny the feeling that I was left behind because of my long career.……“.

The planting that has greatly lost its image in this news report. Is there any explanation for the fans?


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