Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, stressful pregnancy and little crisis

For Katy Perry, confinement and pregnancy have trouble getting along. Stress, anxiety, worry, the couple she forms with Orlando Bloom is going through a complicated period.

She announced the good news in her music video “Never Worn White” on March 4: Katy Perry is expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom. A month later, it is in another original way that the singer of 35 years had revealed that it was a girl. She had covered her fiancé’s face in pink cream, a touch of humor on Instagram which had greatly amused the fans. Now, the couple seem to be anxious about the arrival of this first child. For the 43-year-old actor, he is preparing to welcome a second child since he is the father of Flynn (9), born from his first marriage to Miranda Kerr.


Even if Orlando Bloom already knows the joys of fatherhood, the current conditions are completely new and cause many concerns. This April 23, 2020, a source close to the lovebirds revealed to the magazine “US WeeklyThat their relationship had “changed” since the pop star got pregnant. Going through “ups and downs,” Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are also facing a small crisis. “Katy is nervous about becoming a mother for the first time and Orlando is stressed to have a baby during this time,” said the informant. The relative however affirms that the interpreter of the tube “Hot N Cold” is delighted to soon become a mother, since she finally realizes her biggest dream.

Days after the announcement she shared on social media, Katy Perry said during a interview with Ryan Seacrest sometimes being in conflict with his mate, but that things always ended well. “I am more emotional than ever,” she said. No worries, this bad patch seems to be shared by many couples. The arrival of the child, scheduled for this summer, should warm hearts.

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