Kazem El Saher angers the Iraqi public… What did he do?

The Iraqi artist, Kazem El-Saher, was subjected to a wave of criticism from Iraqi journalists and media professionals, as well as by the pioneers of social networking sites in Iraq, because of his apology for not participating in the Gulf 25 opening ceremony in Basra, which will start on the sixth of next month.

Adnan Darjal, the former Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports, President of the Iraqi Football Association, had sent an official invitation to the artist Kazem Al-Saher to participate in the opening activities of the Gulf 25 in Basra more than a year and a half ago, and through an official invitation bearing the signature of Darjal.

Al-Saher’s critics were surprised by his insistence that his countrymen and their Gulf brothers not participate in the opening activities of the Gulf 25 in Basra, stressing that “this position of his is strange and there is no justification for him except to move away from his country in which he sings about it from a distance, while what is required is that he sing about it from within.” .

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