Kazem El Saher performs a concert on New Year’s Eve in Beirut

Yahya al-Qaiser Kazem Al-saher A concert in Beirut, on New Year’s Eve, on December 30 this month, and Kazem is scheduled to present to his fans a variety of his old and modern songs that he interacts with.

Kazem Al-saher

In another context, Kazem El-Saher was a guest in a special episode of the “Ma’akum” program, with the media, Mona El-Shazly, on the TV channel. cbcWhere the episode was filmed on the sidelines of his presence in Egypt, and during the episode Kazem El Saher talked about the most important stations in his artistic and private life, in addition to presenting a number of songs, including old and modern Live..

During the program, the Iraqi singer regained many artistic and personal memories, and he also talked about his artistic return to Egypt after a long absence, as he performed two concerts, one on the northern coast and the other in the Opera House, and the audience participated in many songs and questions, as he answered their questions and interacted with them greatly inside the studio, accompanied by His orchestra is complete.

And Kazem was granted by the Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani the title “Caesar of the Arabic Song”, and he sang dozens of poems for him, including “Impossible Love, School of Love, I Hate It, Forbidden You, Diary of a Defeated Man”. Since Kazem met Nizar for the first time in Damascus, he offered him the melody of his poem. “Choose”, and his relationship strengthened and made him sing whatever he wanted from his words, which also happened after his death, and this had a great impact on Kazem’s successful march to become one of the stars of singing in the Arab world, and he takes the title of the woman’s singer from behind the words of the first woman’s poet..

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