KD was accidentally injured three times in two years

Original title: KD was accidentally injured three times in two years, really unlucky

Earlier today, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Suns star Kevin Durant is expected to miss two to three weeks with a sprained left ankle.

Durant’s re-injury is embarrassing, but luckily in the misfortune, his latest injury is not as serious as expected, and it is not the second-degree sprain that the Suns were worried about before. In other words, at the end of the regular season, KD still has a great hope of coming back, and this is good news for the Suns to hit a higher ranking.

But from Durant’s own point of view, the bad luck of injuries in recent years has repeatedly blocked his career progress, and many of them were accidental injuries without confrontation, which made him even more frustrated up.

The history of Durant being accidentally injured can be traced back to the 2016-17 season. In a game with the Warriors that year, KD obviously did not directly participate in the fight for the ball. Ya suddenly fell to the ground and put his whole body weight on him. Because of that injury, KD missed 19 games.

At the end of his career in the Warriors, Durant suffered a severe Achilles tendon rupture. Since then, he has cherished his body even more. After more than a year of recovery, KD has completely recovered his pre-injury health status, and he has hardly lost his combat power after such a serious injury. This was also considered a medical miracle by the industry at the time.

However, KD has no major injuries in his Nets career, but there are still minor injuries, and his injuries still reveal the breath of unlucky people everywhere. At the beginning of 2022, KD was hit on the knee by teammate Bruce Brown, and once again experienced the helplessness and bitterness of accidental injury. In January of this year, he was unsuspectingly injured by Jimmy Butler when he fell to the ground. During this injury, he voluntarily applied for a trade to the Suns.

In the first three games of the Suns career, Durant showed his talents to the fullest, and he established a seamless understanding with his new teammates and new system with almost no warm-up. In actual combat, KD even regained the confidence and happiness he had when he was playing for the Warriors, and the Suns were quickly promoted to the league’s top championship team because of his arrival.

But just minutes before Durant’s Suns home debut, he was injured again. This time, KD was not even accidentally injured in the game, but in the training session before the game, he injured himself during a layup that seemed not too difficult. Judging from the pictures captured at the time, KD’s The injured action was a bit embarrassing, and a bit funny. But just after people couldn’t help laughing, they suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem.

Of course, there are still a few blessings in Durant’s injury this time. First of all, as mentioned above, KD is not a second-degree sprain after all, and he can still catch up with the end of the regular season and make a comeback in early April.

Secondly, the “magic doctors” of the Suns are well-known far and wide, and they are recognized as one of the best medical teams in the league. Therefore, the Suns will treat KD’s injury rationally and take care of it carefully. There is a high probability that this injury will not affect his state.

In the end, apart from KD being injured in the current Suns team, the other main players and main rotation members of the team have all recovered. Judging from the situation in which the Suns beat the Thunder after KD was injured in the last game, the Suns also have full confidence in grabbing points for some regular opponents and regular games.

In the standings, the Suns are temporarily ranked 4th in the West, and they have also temporarily escaped from the tragic play-off competition. The relatively stable situation also allows KD to rest more at ease. After all, the Suns took great pains to poach him from Brooklyn, not for the sake of one city and one pool in the regular season. They obviously have higher expectations for KD, and there is nothing more important than his recovery… …(Poirot)Return to Sohu to see more


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