Ke Zhendong’s live broadcast confessed that he wanted to marry “Miss Xiao” Hsiao Yaxuan personally confessed: It’s really big to play | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporters Zhu Shikai, Liu Jianwei / Report from Taipei

In the early morning of the 28th, the entertainer Ke Zhendong pulled his friends in the circle to share the current situation on the IG live broadcast. During the process, he played “Truth or Dare” together. When Ke Zhendong was asked which ex-girlfriend he liked best, he hesitated and replied. Once thought of getting married to “Miss Xiao”, fans instantly guessed it was Xiao Yaxuan. In this regard, Xiao Yaxuan confided through the brokerage company, and did not forget to cheer for the front-line medical staff, hoping that everyone can survive the epidemic together.

▲Xiao Yaxuan learned of Ke Zhendong’s thoughts in the live broadcast and gave a generous response. (Picture/Retrieved from Ke Zhendong IG, Xiao Yaxuan Weibo)

Hsiao Yaxuan stated, “His (Ke Zhendong) personality is so straightforward. Now young people really play a lot.” Then he did not forget to mention the serious situation of the epidemic in Taiwan, and said, “Everyone must wear a mask and wash your hands frequently. Gathering, and thank you for the medical staff who have been on the front line. I hope everyone is safe and healthy.”

▲Xiao Yaxuan said that Ke Zhendong is a straightforward personality. (Photo/Retrieved from Xiao Yaxuan’s Facebook)

It is understood that in yesterday’s live broadcast, Washing asked Ke Zhendong which ex-girlfriend was his favorite in the past? After thinking about it, he responded, “Every one I associate with, and every one I admit is very in love.” He even said that he had thought about marriage to Xiao Yaxuan, but now in retrospect, his favorite is “Ms. Li” (Li Yufen).

Some netizens asked Ke Zhendong why he broke up with Li Yufen? He chose not to punish for drinking, but just responded lightly, “I’m not good enough.” Huang Hongxuan asked, “Do you like sister Bai Fumei? Is there a chance to wash vegetables?” Ke Zhendong said, it is not like this, it’s just that The ones I met happened to be sisters, “But they are all very serious. They have been dating for more than 3 years, which means they really like it.”

▲When Ke Zhendong confided in the live broadcast, other artists participating in the live broadcast took a sigh of relief. (Photo/Retrieved from Ke Zhendong IG)

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