Keep an eye on the price of gold above $1,800 an ounce. Investors sell profits

Krung Thai assesses the baht’s appreciation of 33.00-33.45 baht per dollar. Keep an eye on the flow of gold prices reaching $1,800-1,815 an ounce. Fear of investors selling and making a profit pressure on the baht to strengthen and fall below the lower range Ready to stick to the numbers of imports – exports – the ECB meeting Send a signal to reduce the queue E – raise interest rates

On October 24, 2021, Mr. Poon Panichpiboon, money market strategist Krung Thai Bank revealed that “Prachachat Business” that the baht frame next week (25-29 October 64) moved within a frame of 33.00-33.45 baht per dollar. The follow-up factor will be the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting scheduled for October 28.

The market will wait to see the signal of a reduction in government bond purchases through quantitative monetary easing (QE) measures and inflation concerns. interest This will result in the euro’s appreciation. pressure the dollar to weaken

In addition, funds must also be monitored in the gold market, where the market is profitable in the gold market. which will affect the baht If the gold price runs within the range of 1,800-1,815 dollars per ounce. will see a sell-off profit This will result in the baht appreciation. and the opportunity for baht to cross the border of 33.10 baht per dollar as well including factors for publishing financial statements of companies around the world

while domestic factors It will announce the import and export numbers. It is expected that exports will not recover from the economic factors of trading partners. As the number of imports grew more than 30%, resulting in an increase in the current account deficit of Thailand. which is a factor causing the baht to weaken somewhat Including monitoring the opening of the country that will affect the atmosphere (Sentiment) of foreign investors who will be able to invest.

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However, the movement of capital flows (fund flows) next week Assess whether you can see some capital flows into the stock market. But after the Set Index hits above 1,700 points, investors will see take profits while the bond market remains stable.

For the fund-flow direction last week (Oct. 18-21), foreign investors bought net 8,738 million baht in the stock market, while the bond market (bond) sold a net of 1,473 million baht. There is a bond auction but will see that the response flow is not very good Part of it came from investors speculating that the yield was likely to increase further. So delayed to wait and see.

“Next week, the factors that need to be monitored and affect the baht. will be a flow from the gold price The signal of the ECB meeting. The US will see the GDP figure in the third quarter. If it comes out slower than expected below 2%, the market will be in a closed mode. including the announcement of financial statements around the world.”

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