Keiko Fujimori asks to annul 200,000 votes of the elections in Peru

The right-wing candidate, who is on the way to losing the vote last Sunday by about 70,000 votes difference against Castillo, asked the National Elections Jury (JNE) for this measure, insisting on the review of 1,200 minutes observed (actually 827 ), when only 1% of the votes remain to be counted.

“These 802 minutes represent 200,000 votes, which when admitted must be withdrawn from the national count,” Fujimori said.

With 99% of the votes counted, the leftist Castillo currently gathers 50.2% of the preferences compared to 49.7% of the right-wing Fujimori, separated by a narrow margin of about 70,000 votes that place the teacher and union leader of the Peruvian teaching very close to the Presidency.

At a press conference, the right-wing candidate said that the legal team of her party, Fuerza Popular, is also monitoring the entire process of observing 1,200 minutes, which she hoped would “be accounted for in the final count,” despite that the number of acts under that status is only 827 at this time.

“If we add the 802 tables in which nullity requests have been submitted, which represent about 200,000 votes, and we add 300,000 votes (from the minutes observed), 500,000 votes are still at stake, at the national level, which we believe is essential to be analyzed for the final count, “Fujimori said.


Lawyers Miguel Torres, a member of Fuerza Popular, and Julio César Castiglioni pointed out the apparent irregularities detected at the tables, in which they have requested the annulment, attributed to the Peru Libre party, of the leftist candidate Pedro Castillo, who has received 50.2% of the votes to 99% of the scrutiny.

Among them they mentioned the alleged falsification of signatures of board members in 503 minutes, representing 125,000 votes, or results at the table in 132 minutes, where not even one vote in favor of Fujimori is recorded.

In addition, they said that 65 cases have been detected in which the voting tables are made up of relatives, something that is not allowed by law.

“We have seen a systematic intention of Peru Libre to violate the popular will,” said Fujimori, who defended that the actions undertaken seek to enforce the citizen’s vote.


For his part, Torres declared that Fuerza Popular is aware that this is not an election of one party and one person, but that it will represent the model to follow in the next five years.

The party “is not going to throw in the towel, it is going to continue receiving irregularities and it will fight until the last vote,” he noted.

Castiglioni added: “We are not asking for the nullity of the elections, but rather that the vote of the citizens who supported the candidacy” of Fujimori be respected.

Hours earlier, the Lima Centro Special Electoral Jury broadcast on its social networks a hearing in which 41 contested votes were evaluated in three districts of the capital, in response to requests for transparency in this process.


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