Keiko Fujimori questions the prosecutor’s decision to expand the investigation against him and not go to the accusation stage

The leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, questioned the recent decision of the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez of expand the investigation against him for the alleged contributions to his presidential campaign. Through a statement, he criticized the representative of the Public ministry not to go to the investigation stage.

In the opinion of Fujimori, who recently officially registered his presidential candidacy for Popular ForceThis is due to the fact that an expert opinion prepared at the request of the Public Ministry would have revealed that neither she nor her husband, Mark Vitto Villanella, have an equity imbalance, which would affect the tax thesis.

“Once again, the prosecutor delays the investigation and once again breaks his word to go on to the accusation stage. The reason is very simple: the expertises made by the Public ministry They have confirmed to me and my husband Mark that we have no equity imbalance. Five experts hired by the Public ministry They have confirmed that we have no imbalance. A serious setback for a tax thesis that collapses, which is why it now focuses on legal national contributions. More than 5 years of investigation without accusation. The facts speak for themselves, “he said.

Days ago, Giulliana Loza, lawyer of Keiko Fujimori, highlighted that an accounting expert report prepared by the Prosecutor’s Office it concluded “that there is no equity imbalance for the Villanella-Fujimori couple.” The lawyer acknowledged that there are formal aspects that are mentioned in the report; however, he assured that these are “rectifiable.”

“The most important thing is that there is no equity imbalance of the Villanella-Fujimori couple. For us it is a very important step, the truth is making a step in this process in which we have been investigating for more than five years and it is becoming more than clear, not by us, but by experts from the Prosecutor’s Office itself, who conclude that there is no imbalance, “he said.

In statements to the press, he explained that this expert report “analyzes all the finances, accounting and assets” of Fujimori and her husband. In his opinion, this result implies “that the thesis of the Prosecutor’s Office in this case is no longer only weakenedInstead, he finds a great Achilles heel because he will not be able to sustain an equity imbalance. “

“This is a test that supports the defense thesis. There are small issues that we are going to raise, but they do not affect the substance. They are questions in such a way that they will easily be raised by our experts on the part and that we will comply next week, but the most important thing is that the thesis of the Prosecutor’s Office fell apart because there is no imbalance, “he said.

Finally, the lawyer insisted that the thesis of the Prosecutor’s Office regarding the supposed contribution of the Odebrecht company to the Popular Force “It is not accredited”, while in the case of the alleged contributions from national businessmen, according to the prosecutor himself, “they are funds of legal origin, therefore we are not talking about any crime.”

It also pointed out that Popular Force it is awaiting the prosecutor’s request to suspend the party, which it considered “has no legal basis.” Similarly, he commented that later they could request the Power of attorney permits so that you can move from the town where you live to participate in activities as part of your presidential campaign.


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