Keiko Fujimori rejected Odebrecht’s “absurd” request to return to prison for money laundering

Keiko Fujimori (REUTERS / Liz Tasa)

The Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori described as “absurd“The request of an anti-corruption prosecutor for a preventive detention against him for allegedly having breached the judicial restrictions of the investigation that is being followed for alleged money laundering.

Most absurd of all is the reason you are requesting this change”, Of appearance for effective prison, said Fujimori this Thursday, in a press conference in which he was accompanied by Miguel Torres placeholder image, who is a witness to the case and admitted that he has been close to Fujimori’s electoral campaign.

Precisely, the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez, a member of the team investigating the Lava Jato case in Peru, He asked that Fujimori’s appearance be revoked for having met with Torres despite the fact that he has been prohibited from maintaining contact with witnesses and those involved in the investigation that follows.

The candidate faces a prosecutor’s request for more than 30 years in prison for alleged money laundering in the financing of her previous electoral campaigns, a trial that would avoid being elected.

Torres is a witness

Although Torres had previously declared to local media that he was not a witness to the investigation against Fujimori, at the press conference this Thursday Keiko’s lawyer, Giuliana Loza, admitted that “is a witness to this case”.

The lawyer considered, however, that the prosecutor’s request “Lacks any legal and factual basis“, And said that he hopes that Judge Víctor Zúñiga, in charge of the case,”declare this petition inadmissible”.

“Let’s hope that after this request is notified and we are summoned, the criminal judge will declare it inadmissible, not only because it is unnecessary, but because it lacks any logic,” he said.

Keiko Fujimori with Miguel Torres (REUTERS / Liz Tasa)
Keiko Fujimori with Miguel Torres (REUTERS / Liz Tasa)

The fiscal order

In the document sent to Judge Zúñiga, Prosecutor Pérez maintained that Fujimori has breached the judicial rules imposed while she is being investigated for a crime of money laundering, such as communicating with witnesses linked to the case of the alleged illegal contributions to their campaigns in 2011 and 2016.

Defendant Fujimori Higuchi has again been found to be in breach of the restriction not to communicate with witnesses; therefore, it has been noted as a public and well-known fact that he communicates with the witness Miguel Torres Morales, ”the text maintains.

Specifically, Pérez cited the conference held this Wednesday, in which the lawyer Torres was presented as a political spokesperson for the legal entity of Fuerza Popular.

Fujimori and Torres were together at the same table while the candidate’s party asked the electoral authorities to annul 802 voting records, which represent some 200,000 votes, under accusations of irregularities and “table fraud” in the presidential elections held last Sunday. .

Relationship with elections

In response, Fujimori assured that the prosecutor Pérez seeks “continue to be the protagonist of this electoral campaign”, In which he awaits the results of the second presidential round that he contested with the leftist Pedro Castillo, who is leading the vote.

Precisely, she maintained that Pérez made this request after she presented Torres as one of those in charge of the request she has made to annul some 200,000 votes that are considered favoring Castillo.

However, he assured that his party, Popular Force, will “to respect the popular will“And ratified his”absolute respect for electoral bodies”.

“There is a clear intention here to separate us from Miki (Miguel Torres), to distract us, to disturb this process, which are the final counts of a very important election … this request is not going to distract our attention at all,” he remarked.

The candidate finally said that she “trusts” in the Judicial Power and that she has “no fear” that the request for her return to prison will be completed.

Attempt to intimidate

Torres affirmed, for his part, that he shares “outrage“Before this request and that”It is not a happy situation to think that because of the presence of yourself, a friend and the person you support, you may be at risk of losing your freedom once again”.

“It is evident that what he is trying to do is intimidate, but if he thinks he is going to achieve it, he is wrong,” he said before confirming that his presence in Fujimori’s presidential campaign “is not from yesterday, it comes from months ago. ”.

Torres added that he has even been director, since last June, of the so-called “orange school”, a virtual classroom in which courses are given to young militants of the Popular Force party.

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