Ken Roczen (Honda / P2): “Orlando-1 was tricky” / Supercross World Championship

After the start of the Orlando-1 finals, Ken Roczen (Honda) was stopped by leading Justin Brayton (Honda). After Webb (KTM) took the lead, both pilots took the lead.

The cold snap in Orlando initially fell victim to the press day on Friday. The day before the race, the drivers have the opportunity to get to know the track for the first time with a few show laps. On Saturday, the training sessions were shortened after the surface was covered with plastic sheeting to protect against moisture.

“We had two training sessions with completely different track conditions,” explains Roczen. «In the first training session there was still water between the jumping hills and the hills themselves were rock hard. Fortunately, things got better in the races. “

Roczen pulled in advance the ‘holeshot’, won the race ahead of Jason Anderson (Husqvarna), Adam Weather in Cianciarulo (Kawasaki) and Justin Weather in Barcia (GAS GAS). The Thuringian secured a good place at the start gate for the final.

“I got off to a decent start in the final,” remembers the German. “The ‘holeshot’ I missed, but I was in the top 3 in the first lap and had a nice duel Cooper Webb. In the end it was just the two of us who were at the top and fighting for victory. I came back on the last few laps Coopers Rear wheel, but in the end it wasn’t enough to overtake. “

Justin Brayton stopped the tip a bit in the first few laps, so that Roczenwho is directly at Braytons Rear wheel found that one jump combination could not fully take and so on the following one Webb gave the chance to take the last 3 hills on the inside line as a triple jump and then inside stab into it. Webb suggested in the subsequent Left turn a sharp hook and sat on top.

Ken Roczen went on too Brayton over, stopped briefly, but still kept the overview. Instead of forcing a possible victory with the crowbar, he always had the bigger picture in mind, because in the championship every point counts in the end, not every race victory. «The route was really something tricky“, added Roczenwho deals with Webb was able to withdraw from the field from lap to lap. “I’m glad we got through well in Orlando overall. Hopefully we can reverse the order next week. “

In the Supercross World Championship leads Roczen after 7 of 17 completed runs with 13 points ahead Cooper Webb.

Result SX-WM, Orlando-1:

1. Cooper Webb (USA), KTM
2. Ken Roczen (D), Honda
3. Zach Osborne (USA), Husqvarna
4. Justin Weather in Barcia (USA), GASGAS
5. Eli Tomato (USA), Kawasaki

World Cup status after round 7 of 17:

1. Ken Roczen (D), Honda, 161
2. Cooper Webb (USA), KTM, 148, (-13)
3. Eli Tomato (USA), Kawasaki, 132, (-29)
4. Adam Weather in Cianciarulo (USA), Kawasaki, 118, (-43)
5. Justin Weather in Barcia (USA), GASGAS, 115, (-46)


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