Kendall Jenner sports a new hair color in her recent makeover

Kendall Jenner has surprised those present at the Prada parade to Fall 2022 at Milan Fashion Week with a sudden look change. The supermodel has defended a red hair through a collected style bouffant. As a good prescriber of trends that has turned out to be, even having us accustomed to its usual hair tonesalways finds the perfect formula to fuel the curiosity of those who cross his path.

The member of the Kardashian-Jenner club has succumbed, this time, to a coppery hue. A color that, according to creative directors and celebrity stylists, will be in vogue throughout this year. It is one of those elections beauty that hypnotizes instantly, causing security and courage to be distilled when wearing it. Although it is true that the rise of the naturalness in the hairthere are certain style currents which will be difficult to do without, because the force they radiate will make them extremely successful.

The red dye that Kendall Jenner has defended in the Prada parade for Fall 2022

Kendall Jenner it is clear that the red tint is on the list of trends definitive that will captivate in 2022 in matters of hair dyes. In addition to Prada, Givenchy, for his collection Pre-Fall 2022showed the Cherry red that will be championed, surely, by celebrities in the coming seasons. The truth is that we will have infinite alternatives within our reach to embrace the well-known ‘lit range’.

On this occasion, the celebrity has opted for a shade halfway between red and orange, being an ideal option for those who do not seek to risk wearing a garish appearance. Likewise, in one of the last published photographs of him, belonging to a photo session for the media i + D, Kendall Jenner It is also presented with a mane (this time very short) in red.

© Alessandro Lucioni / Prada / Gorunway.
Kendall Jenner at the Prada Fall/Winter 2022 show with red hair dye.

A look at the latest red hair color trend

Yes, Kendall Jenner is not the first public personality in which we witness the red hair dye. Who does not remember the legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista with her short red hair? One bob (and one coloration) that would end up channeling the young woman’s professional career. Because, even today, the most chameleonic and versatile women on the stylistic scene are those who dare to makeovers of that caliber.

Gigi Hadid at the Versace presentation for Spring/Summer 2022held in 2021, wore a hair color –by the hand of the stylist Panos Papandrianos– inspired by what was the series of the moment, Lady’s Gambit. Flagging the triumph of the extra long straight hairthe model only went from her mythical blond to coppery red.

Gigi Hadid with straight hair and red hair dye at the Versace Spring 2022 show.

© Vogue Mexico and Latin America
Gigi Hadid with straight hair and red hair dye at the Versace Spring 2022 show.

Rosalía has recently spread, through social networks, his latest makeover. It was on the occasion of his latest video clip, Chicken Teriyaki. One hair dyein the most eclectic and impressive shade of red, which shines leaving the root intact with its dark brown color.

And who wouldn’t want to emulate the reddish mane what did he wear Anya Taylor-Joy in Queen’s Gambit causing a sensation around the globe. The popular Netflix series showed that the entertainment industry has a special ability to make its plots (and protagonists) unbeatable sources of inspiration to follow the trends that are currently in demand. The bob haircut with color between vermilion and mahogany It became a trigger for the interpreter to consecrate herself as the prestigious reference of style that she currently is.

Anya Taylor-Joy in the Netflix series, Lady's Gambit, in a straight bob with bangs in red.

© Courtesy.
Anya Taylor-Joy in the Netflix series, Lady’s Gambit, in a straight bob with bangs in red.

And, also, Anna Delvey. The so-called ‘swindler of New York’s elites’ –who we have known from the acclaimed Netflix series, Inventing Anna– has also wanted to fuel our desire to dare with a hair color often controversial. However, said young woman, played by Julia Garner, embraces a subtle variant of the coloration. A bet halfway between the reddish and the light brown which, we are convinced, will attract the attention of the most elegant and simple women in the coming months.

Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna with a medium reddish hair.

© Photo: Nicole Rivelli / Courtesy of Netflix.
Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna with a medium reddish hair.

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