Kendji Girac makes a big announcement! His wife is pregnant, he will soon be a dad! The fans are thrilled!

From the top of his 24 years, the life of the singer seems to take a new turn. This time it is a major change. He will soon be a dad. If there are still a few weeks, rumors circulated about his probable paternity, there is now no doubt. His companion is indeed pregnant and that seems to delight the young man who has always been in love with music. If all the things he touches turn to gold when it comes to his professional career, he will also experience the happiness of being a father. Learn more by reading the rest of this article. Fans had no idea of ​​such an announcement.

A first baby for the singer

Kendji Girac has been appointed as one of the coaches for this new season of the show The Voice Kids. If he has previously stated that he enjoys making friends with children, he will soon have his own. It is in an interview with TV 7 that he pronounced on this new responsibility of coach, but also on his paternity.

The news of the pregnancy of Soraya, the companion of Kendji Girac has spread like wildfire on social media. The 24-year-old will have to take an example from his colleagues Soprano, Patrick Fiori and Jennifer who are all already parents. The happy event shouldn’t take too long to arrive anymore and the singer’s fans are eagerly awaiting it.

The young man spoke about the biggest inheritance he plans to leave to his children. he has known music since he was child. Everyone knows he is really passionate about it. The interpreter of Don’t look at me anymore says that he will certainly pass his passion on to his children, but that he certainly would not force them to take the same path as him. They would be free to do whatever they want.

From his revelations, we can well conclude that he does not intend to stop at a single child. If he intends to have several, then he is on the right track. Kendji Girac is also very close to his father and mother. They are certainly delighted that the family is growing with this new baby who will be born soon.

Reluctance before accepting the role of coach in the show The Voice Kids

Kendji Girac was the winner of the 2014 edition of the year of The Voice. We still remember his incredible performances. Many were not surprised that he was the one who won the trophy. Here he is six years later, designated as one of the four coaches of The Voice Kids. We can certainly say that he has come a long way. This proves his immense talent since he is the youngest coach of all the editions combined. It is a new adventure for the one who will soon be a father.

Even if today Kendji Girac fully assume his role of coach, he had some reservations. Indeed, he has already been approached before by the organizing committee of the show. He declined the offer for two consecutive years. If the singer needed to gain more experience before embarking on this new adventure, he also confided in the fact that he was not sure how to be bossy with children.

For him, the other coaches would get there more easily, perhaps because they are already parents. However, things have changed a lot today as Kendji Girac will be in turn very soon.

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