Kendji Girac (The Voice) reveals for the first time why he still lives in his trailer!

Kendji Girac will always surprise us. Indeed, the young man takes us behind the scenes of his daily life. It should surprise more than one!

Kendji Girac, proud of his origins

Forever in the hearts of the public

Since they discovered him at The Voice, Kendji Girac fans hum his hits nonstop. It must be said that his guitar melodies are both catchy and moving. This is why, as soon as it occurs in concert, the places leave in a few minutes. Fortunately, concerned about their happiness, he does not hesitate to share his news on social networks. Also, we were able to discover in exclusivity how he experienced the confinement surrounded by his family.

When Emmanuel Macron announces the terrible news, Kendji Girac is in the United States. He doesn’t think for a second. He must return to France. And more preciously in the Dordogne. Close to his family, the young man has recently shown that he needs little to be happy. This way of seeing life in color, he owes it to his parents. An accomplice with both his mother and his father, he has unlimited recognition and admiration for them.

Where does he find inspiration?

In view of his success, one could imagine that Kendji Girac feels himself growing wings. Yet he still has his feet on the ground. Finally, rather inked in a surprising place. As Our colleagues at Le Parisien have noted that despite the money earned, the singer from Andoulouse does not have luxury tastes. Indeed, he manages to be satisfied with little in order to be happy. For the first time, it officially opens the doors of its existence. It may surprise but whatever. The singer signs and persists. All he needs is… his trailer. Faced with stunned journalists, he declares “Phad people imagine that I still live like this, but it’s my balance ”

And for nothing in the world, Kendji Girac would like to reverse his decision. Besides, he has a little ritual. Even if the artist has a spacious house, he prefers to alternate between the two places of life. Also, the caravan is more than a machine on wheels. For him, it is a “Refuge in which I feel good, and I love there hear the sound of the rain rocking me. ” Permanently in communion with Nature, he wishes more than anything that this situation last as long as he lives. Like his parents, we are convinced that he will pass on all his humanistic values ​​to his future child.

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