Kendji Girac would be separated from Soraya Miranda pregnant? This new singer’s crisis?

A few weeks ago, the news of the pregnancy of Soraya Miranda, the partner of Kendji Girac had created a real buzz. But today there are rumors that the couple could be in serious trouble. The magazine Closer book a portrait of the two lovebirds suggesting that the couple would not have lived together lately.

Last September, fans of Kendji Girac learned that the young singer would be on the verge of being a dad. In a relationship for a year with the pretty young woman from Switzerland, the artist is therefore preparing to experience the joys of fatherhood. The beautiful brunette would have managed to melt the heart of the famous performer. Kendji GIrac and Soraya did not hesitate to appear in the press this summer in order to show their happiness. The magazine Public wrote a long article about the two young people a few weeks ago. And reporters described Soraya as a pretty, very intelligent young woman, “ Gray-green eyes, dazzling smile, ebony mane, Soraya Miranda has everything for her “. The magazine also added that the young woman is currently studying at a prestigious business school in Geneva. Public also claimed that the couple had experienced a major crisis. The rumor of tensions had even been mentioned. But a few days later Kendji Girac and Soraya appeared together again. The origin of their problem dates back to this summer. Kendji Girac would indeed have taken a vacation with friends without Soraya. But since the start of the school year, things seem to be back to normal.

In full promotion of its new album Me lifetime, Kendji Girac remains extremely discreet about his private life. And with the exception of a few pictures published in the press, the young man reveals only very rare information about his romantic situation. It is certain that the interpreter ofAndalusian spent the period of confinement and most of the summer season with his family. Upon his return from the United States, he had indeed returned to his native region. Kendji Girac has been seen on numerous occasions near his parents’ home. He also confessed to having spent long nights, alone, in his caravan located in his parents’ garden; a place in which he admits to enjoying taking refuge. So these fans wondered where to found his partner during this stay. Kendji He was in any case very satisfied and happy with this return to the lands of his childhood. He would have taken the opportunity to have a good time with his father. The two men spent their time talking, singing and playing the guitar late into the night. Kendji Girac said he found these moments of great intensity. Because his life at 100 per hour, prevents him from being near his family as often as he wishes.

Kendji Girac

These latest events may therefore suggest that there was perhaps some disturbance between the two young people. Because his partner was apparently not by his side during the weeks of quarantine. However, Soraya seems to have been very well accepted by the family of Kendji. The announcement of motherhood should have been good news for the whole clan as well.

Become a father, Kendji Girac had already imagined it. Because children are very important to him. And he also has the firm intention of being able to transmit some of his passions and of its values ​​to his descendants. As he confided in an interview with TV 7 Days, his children will be trained in music as he was very young ” What is certain is that I will pass on my love of music to all my children, and they will do with them what they want ”.

Music is very important in the life of Kendji Girac, as for all his family. They all like to get together to share moments of music and joy. Very close-knit, the family is essential to the happiness of Kendji. The artist is very close to his family. There really is a close relationship with those close to him. Despite his very busy schedule, he never misses an opportunity to be able to meet up with his clan. The arrival of a child will now also allow him to build his own family. Above all, her child will be able to count a whole group to be brought up in love, as was the case for Kendji.

The artist does not hesitate to make real declarations of love to his relatives and in particular to his mother. One of his famous titles was also a tribute to the one who gave him life. Some time ago in the program La Boîte à secrets on France 3, the future dad also experienced a great moment of emotion. Her friend Jenifer surprised her to perform her hit The eyes of the mama. Kendji Girac already had tears in his eyes from this gift that was given to him. But, he was even more astonished afterwards. Because while he was not expecting it, his mother Carmen joined Jenifer on stage to finish the song. ”I never thought I would see you sing on a show. It’s a gift. Thank you mom, I love you ”said Kendji Girac, upset by this event.

Present on many television sets, Kendji Girac continues his career with immense success. And on the heart side, the artist also seems to have found happiness in the arms of the beautiful Soraya. Despite several rumors of tension in the couple, Kendji Girac in any case let nothing show through. Kendji Girac has, on numerous occasions, confirmed to have found happiness. The 24-year-old has his feet perfectly on the ground despite his success and his young age. The most important thing for him today will be to take care of those he loves. Whether it is his mate or his child, both should feel safe with Kendji. Because as he admits, family is everything to him. He is capable of real follies to satisfy those dear to his heart.

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