Kerala shocked when America demolishes dam; Dead ram and salmon on the beach

Should dams be torn down to save salmon? Even when the Athirappalli project was launched years ago, such criticism was raised. On that day, the opposition criticized the environmentalists saying that certain species of frogs will disappear if the project comes. Recently, the United States decided to dismantle 4 large dams on the Klamath River in California. These dams are being removed to save endangered Chinook salmon. Hydroelectric projects that rely on these dams play a major role in providing electricity in California. However, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission made such a decision despite strong opposition from the industry. This kind of dams are being dismantled not only in America. Dams are being removed in various parts of the world to protect the environment. Many of these dams were built as part of the Industrial Revolution in the early 20th century. Why is the world’s approach to dams changing? What is the warning of climate change to the world? Is science surrendering to nature? While America is demolishing dams for salmon, Kuttanadu’s mutton has some dreams. Hilsa fish, a favorite dish of Bengalis, also has some such stories to tell. In recent years, America has demolished 1700 dams. Climate change and natural disasters have forced America to change its thinking about development. Behind this move is a separate thinking that dams should be concerned with the nature destruction they create rather than the development they provide. After demolishing a few dams, America became convinced of that. The biological wealth and natural wealth of the rivers are improving, including the fish wealth. With that, America demolished 1700 small and big dams. The largest dam removal project is being implemented on the Klamath River…

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