Kerstin Kalinka is one of the few women to lead a MEK

The target in view: Kerstin Kalinka during shooting training in the Frankfurt police headquarters.
Image: Lucas Bäuml

Terrorists, arms dealers, organized crime: the policewoman Kerstin Kalinka knows the depths of society. She is one of the few women to lead a mobile task force. And stands for the police of tomorrow.

AOn a typical morning, Kerstin Kalinka would have the first coffee of the day at home. In her Offenbach apartment, the view of the green. But the detective director hardly knows a typical morning. When she goes to bed in the evening, she doesn’t even know whether she will sleep through the night until the next morning. Or whether the phone doesn’t ring. Like in March two years ago. Three terror suspects from the Rhine-Main area had planned an attack. A vehicle and several firearms should be used to kill as many “infidels” as possible, as it was later said. It was Kalinka and her team who followed the suspects’ every step. Where do you go? Who are you meeting with? What weapons have you got yourself? The Mobile Task Force (MEK) stayed with the suspect for weeks. In the end, the attack was prevented. Kalinka went home. Proud of your team. Knowing full well that the next mission could come any minute.

If you visit Kerstin Kalinka in her office on the fourth floor of the Frankfurt police headquarters, the files neatly stacked on the table, you would not believe at first that this is one of the control centers of the most important special units that the Hessian police has to offer. Kalinka itself is at rest. Nothing she does seems thoughtless. She speaks concentrated, with a calm voice, when she tells how she got where she is now. For more than five years she has been in charge of the mobile task force of the Frankfurt police, which is the most important special unit in Hesse alongside the SEK. And she says she can’t imagine anything that fulfills her more professionally.


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