Keti Topuria showed how the grown up son plays with his sister

The singer shared rare family footage. Her daughter Olivia gets along well with her little brother.

Katie Topuria. Photo:

Katie Topuria performs with the group “A’Studio”. She is famous not only for her strong vocals, but also for her stylish outfits. However, the singer herself notes that she simply wears only what suits her. This year she became a mother again. The artist gave her husband Leo Dengov a son, Adam. She hid her pregnancy for a long time, but during the wedding she emphasized her rounded belly with a white dress.

Keti grows up from her first marriage daughter Olivia, which is already six years old. The girl often accompanies her mother on tour. And this year, the artist took her to her native Georgia, where she arranged a holiday in honor of the heiress’s birthday. And at the end of August, the singer returned from rest in Europe… She shared rare footage with her son. Topuria showed how the crumb in the sliders frolic on the floor. Next to him was his sister, who also crawled, playing with the baby.

The singer was touched by such an idyll. Moreover, her dog joined the game and began to run around. Fans noted that Adam has grown up. They could not see his face, but the singer showed his hair. “What a toddler”, “Wow, how it crawls”, “What a funny company you have”, “Olivia is so wonderful, plays with her brother,” “Dear children,” “The dog is definitely not bored,” subscribers commented on the footage.

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