Kevin Durant and James Harden Warned the NBA, LeBron James Included: It Will Be Terrifying Hours | Brooklyn nets

The NBA it’s broken. Brooklyn Nets managed to bring together three of the best players in the league and the first game was just a demonstration of all that can come in the future. James Harden and Kevin Durant they got together and added 74 of the 122 points of the franchise for the victory over Orlando Magic.

The party at the Barclays Center was absent Kyrie Irving, who is still isolated due to his extra-sporting problems, in addition to being currently an expendable player for management. Similarly, Durant and Harden can already imagine what the three of them can do together, something every NBA fan wants to see.

After their first win together at the Nets, Durant and Harden spoke at a news conference. The players were carried away by their emotions and each one was in charge of sending their respective notices to the entire NBA, although they did not forget Irving. There’s no question that they know they can do something great in Brooklyn.

James Harden and Kevin Durant warned the NBA

“I can’t wait to get our entire team together, to see what kinds of shots we can get for our shooters. It’s going to be hard for anyone to duplicate us and catch us on the pick-and-roll. “ started declaring Kevin Durant, who knows perfectly well that in that facet of the game they will become indefensible.

Meanwhile, it was James Harden who decided to go one step further with a clear message: “I’m very excited that Kyrie Irving is coming back. He is a key piece to what we are trying to do. As soon as we can be on the court together, it will be terrifying hours.”, he sentenced. The warning has already been sent. The rest of the NBA will have to take note.


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