Kevin Durant contradicts James Harden and Steve Nash

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Called to find an explanation for the difficulties encountered by James Harden at the start of the season, the player and his coach, Steve Nash, agreed around the same speech. Kevin Durant, he surprised, delivering a very different story!

Already voluntarily deprived of Kyrie Irving, the Nets must moreover deal with the relative poor form of James Harden at the start of the season. Used to attacking cards, the Barbu has a much less flamboyant scoring average this year (18.3 points per game). A statistical drop that it should in part to the specific treatment now reserved for him by the referees according to Steve Nash, whose comments are reported by Dave Early of ClutchPoints.

I have a feeling that he has unfairly set the example for these un-whistled faults. But some of them are really still mistakes. But the referees have to promote the new rule, and he is the perfect target. I understand, there is a certain limit, but some of these faults still exist. So he has to keep provoking like this.

Durant not convinced by Harden’s complaint

Face with ultra-explicit figures which summarize this change in attitude of officials, the 2018 MVP joined his coach’s statement.

Yeah, sure, but I’m not the type to complain about that. Sometimes I have the impression that when starting a match, its outcome is already predetermined, or that I am stigmatized in relation to the whistle blows. But I can only ask the referees to whistle the faults they see.

No longer able to count on the “easy” whistles he knew so well in the past, Harden saw his offensive production deteriorate. Without its usual contribution, Brooklyn struggles to launch its campaign well, with only one success obtained in 3 contested matches. But instead of supporting his star teammate, defending his position, Kevin Durant preferred not to hide behind this novelty.

Kevin Durant on James Harden not being able to cause fouls anymore: “I don’t think the rule change affects anyone’s game, to be honest. “

Rather than asking the referees to review their policy, and to whistle more regularly, KD kind of calls Harden to focus on the other aspects of his game. It must be said that the Slim Reaper will need a fully focused Bearded Man. over the coming months, if he wishes to add a 3rd champion’s ring to his prize list!

Kevin Durant could also have complained about the referees’ new attitude towards James Harden; however, he chose to brush this subject aside with the back of his hand. Hoping, perhaps, that his partner will do the same sooner or later.

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