Kevin Durant has his conditions in case of trade to the Miami Heat

Thursday my cousin Marion asked me if I wanted her to pay for the restaurant, so I told her that I only accepted if it was to eat lobsters. Yesterday Kevin Durant did much the same thing, so either he didn’t understand the definition of a trade or he’s a real rascal.

At the announcement of Kevin Durant’s intentions to leave, candidates very quickly came forward and very quickly some saw their files be classified as “sensitive”. That of the Raptors is one of them, that of the Blazers is talking, and that of the Heat is also very serious. Why ? Because the Florida franchise is an ideal destination because of its influence, its history and its geography, the way in which it is managed by Pat Riley. LeBron James has been there and he has chained exploits, another logical reason that could push KD to write one more piece of his greatness there., so the Heat is very frequently cited in recent hours. What can we add to this file? Already Bam Adebayo will not be able to leave Miami for Brooklyn because the NBA and its CBA prohibit having two players on the same team with a “designated rookie” contract, a contract that Ben Simmons in Brooklyn and Bam Edrice in Mayami enjoy. . That is said. One can also imagine that Durant doesn’t give a damn about Tyler Herro, why not, and that he doesn’t give a damn about Duncan Robinson, normal.

But the big quote, what am I saying, the punchline of the back came yesterday from Kevin Durant himself, KD who risks chaining a few in the coming days and which would therefore have meant, according to Sam Amick, The Athletic that he will only play for the Heat “if he plays alongside Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and Kyle Lowry”. Laughter in the family of the GM of the Nets Sean Marks, who keeps his hand in this story, we remind him, and a reminder to KD precisely concerning the concept of trade, namely that at the base it is planned to exchange two packages that satisfy each of the parties involved. To make it easier? Let’s say you don’t exchange 100 euros for 18 euros, let’s say you don’t trade a saucepan for a gold coin, unless your name is Mimi Siku and you want to pecho Koukoumi.

An intervention which proves in any case that the war of nerves between Kevin Durant and Sean Marks is indeed launched, even if at any time the boss of the Nets can trade his very dear and very gifted diva against absolutely what sings to him. If you want to know a little more about Kevinou hunting? Know that the writing of TrashTalk launched headlong this weekend in an attempt to analyze the chances of the 29 NBA franchises to go scratch KD, nice idea to wait before the final decision.

After the Where is Charlie room at Where is KD going, otherwise more addictive. Regarding the Heat, the Snake has spoken, but be careful because Pat Riley could well pull an ace out of his sleeve and… disguise Gabe Vincent as Kyle Lowry.

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