Kevin Feige commits to a comeback of the Avengers

The lack always ends up creating the need. And faced with the expectation of fans of the genre, Kevin Feige commits to a return of the Avengers on the big screen.

In 2019, Avengers : Endgame closed an impressive first series of films. A real hit at the box office, this last part might not however be the last. In a recent interview, the producer Kevin Feige returned to the future potential of the saga. And if we are to believe his statements, Avengers have not said their last word! Feige seems ready to meet popular expectation. Indeed, the producer says he is ready to relaunch the machine in the coming years. The franchise could therefore count on new additional episodes, to the delight of fans.

The Avengers haven’t said their last word – Credit: Marvel Studios

Feige begins to define the contours of this return. The big world screens should once again vibrate thanks to new and unseen adventures.

Towards a strong comeback of Avengers ?

« I think there will be a comeback. I have to say yes Feige admits. And even if these simple words are far from confirming an official return, Marvel wants to capitalize on the immense success of the last part. Despite a myriad of projects under development and the health crisis, the studio could well count on a return of its flagship heroes. The Avengers are a preponderant brand and their importance remains considerable in terms of economic benefits. While the film sector is devastated, producers would like to bet on a safe bet at the global box office.

However, the studio will have to find space in an already overloaded schedule. In full development of phase 4 of MCU, there are already many projects. The studio is launching WandaVision on Disney + and prepare the ground for Doctor Strange or Loki.

It remains to determine the narrative arc that the studio wishes to focus on. Indeed, many characters have recently joined the ranks of Avengers, as Spider-Man or Scarlet Witch. Feige could therefore choose to honor the latest comers to renew the saga. Another question of size must also be raised: that of the casting. In a complex period in terms of planning, it could be complicated to bring together all the original actors involved in many other projects.

Either way, this news has had its small effect on fans of the franchise. In a multitude of films planned for the coming years, The avengers could probably carve out the best slice of the pie!

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