Khai assassination team shoots “Sorn” carpeting the border, hunting for black and white children, the attacker kills 2

After the police arrested Thawatchai Srichan, 48, a former candidate for SAO president, Sri Chula Subdistrict Administrative Organization, one of three suspects who were issued an arrest warrant for the vandalism of Yanakorn Toprayoon or Mr. Sorn.

The Prime Minister of Bang Somboon Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok Province, on Pak Tho-Bang Prang Road, Moo 2, Si Chula Sub-district, late at night on February 14, causing two deaths and Yanakorn was injured. Police focus on local politics and personal conflicts The other two fleeing suspects are Rattaphol. Tansuwanrat, 35, nicknamed “Kumarn Khao”, the gunman fired the trigger, and Mr. Phuriwat Nimruang, 52, nicknamed “Kumarn Dam”, drove the gunman. He is the younger brother of the former prime minister. Bang Somboon Subdistrict Administrative Organization The police are in the process of pursuing him.

Progress: In the afternoon of February 23, Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saeng, Commander of Police 2nd, Pol. Maj. Gen. Jak Jittatham, commander of Nakhon Nayok Provincial Police, traveled to the police station. .Dong Lakorn, Mueang Nakhon Nayok District Called for a meeting to monitor the progress of the case and the hunt for the other two fleeing suspects, along with bringing Mr. Thawatchai. The arrested suspect was released from the cell for further investigation. Discussion still has a serious expression, does not answer reporters’ questions.

After the meeting for more than 2 hours, Pol.Lt.Gen. Thiti said that From the interrogation of Mr. Tawatchai gave his benefit. that can be used as litigation information which in detail must look at other things to add As for those involved, besides the 3 people who were issued an arrest warrant Now in the process of looking at the details, but confirmed that there are more than 3 people. Of course, Mr Thawatchai who was caught is the one who knows the details of his involvement in bringing witness objects to the accused.

We are now investigating the seized raft documents to see if they are related to the case. Who will be linked to? If checked anywhere, it’s all gone.

Reporters asked about Mr. Prasopchoke Nimruang, former prime minister of Bang Somboon Subdistrict Administrative Organization. whether he has now become a suspect or not, the Police Commissioner The suspect in custody is Mr Tawatchai. The rest is on track. Has not contacted Mr. Prasopchok because it is not necessary because in the case now there is evidence for an arrest warrant anywhere, it will be aimed at there. The information about the AK gun used in the crime know exactly where it came from But the details can’t be told because they are important evidence. Including the car used to cause the accident, know the coordinates of where it is. The perpetrators were driven out of the area.

Commander-in-Chief of Police 2 reveals the Toyota Vios car seized by the police that It is in the process of examining the exact link that it is a co-host. as a support Or just passing by and having to prove how relevant. As for Mr. Sunthorn Chongam or Mr. Bee, the owner of the car who was detained for questioning, found that he was involved in some periods. Ask the supervisor to answer in detail. Because he is responsible for the investigation and linking of evidence. For Mr. Rattaphol or “Kuman Kao” and Mr. Phuriwat or “Kuman Dam”, he is not sure if he has left the area or not. Order to set up checkpoints at all intercepting points in the 2nd Provincial Police Area, including spreading the targeted points, needing more searches. Let’s get clear coordinates because I don’t want to do it like a swinging net. If you do, you must see the results of the practice. For example, the operation on February 22 was not a trial and error.

It was reported that Mr Thawatchai, the accused, surrendered with evidence from CCTV footage of the perpetrator’s car driving in and out of the house. From the interrogation citing the motive of Mr. Yanakorn Toprayoon, the Prime Minister of Bang Somboon Subdistrict Administrative Organization to inspect the floating rafts at Rattapol or White Pediatrics Take it for personal use as a grilled pork business but still refuses to open his mouth to speak to the person behind

Pol Gen Suchart Teerasawad, deputy police chief, said the progress of the hunt for the other two suspects under arrest warrants who are still fleeing. that he admits that the evidence in this case is still incomplete Must urgently gather more clarity in the prosecution of offenders. As for the incident, it is believed to be caused by local political problems and lawsuits pending complaints against the NACC. The investigation team also coordinated with the military and security forces. Increased rigor of border checks, especially natural channels Pretty sure the two suspects are still hiding in Thailand.

On the same day, Pol Maj Gen Nuntawut Suwanlaong, commander of Chachoengsao Provincial Police. Revealed about the current news of 2 suspects who still fled to hide in the area of ​​Chachoengsao province, contacted Nakhon Nayok province that the commander of the police station 2 ordered to set up strict checkpoint checkpoints throughout the eastern region first. page already There is no news confirmation that the two suspects fled the area.

At the same time, the investigative team went to the area of ​​Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, searched 2 spots, suspecting that the culprit would bring the Mitsubishi sedan used to cause damage from a collision with the Prime Minister’s van. Subdistrict Administrative Organization came to repair by inspecting the Chang Hao garage Located in front of Wat Ton Krua, Village No. 4, Takhian Tia Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, and another car garage is about 2 km away. It took more than 2 hours to search. The car was not found. The police force did not reveal details of the case. but has invited the owner of Chang Wao to investigate further

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