Khaled Sami’s son reveals the developments of his father’s health condition – Norte newspaper

reveal ” Turkish Sami “The son of the Saudi artist” Khaled Sami On the developments in his father’s health condition, more than a month and a half after he entered a coma and was in the intensive care unit at the National Guard Hospital in the Kingdom.

Venture Turkish Sami A tweet to him via his account on the “Twitter” website, in which he indicated the stability of his father’s health condition, but he is still in coma .

He wrote, “Today, my father is still in a coma and the condition is stable, thank God, but it remains for him to wake up.. but you imagine that you are talking to someone daily without answering, yet you give yourself hope and try to be patient.”

son continued Khaled Sami : “The last conversation between me and my father before he became what he became, and it included a promise that we would struggle with each other.. and I could not let my father down, so I am sitting and struggling and will not lose hope.”

Turki added in another tweet: “As a family, we do not live our best days because the candle in our house is my father, and his smile equals the world and what is in it, and it is the most precious thing I own and the one I love.”

He continued: “I am ready to leave the world and what is in it for a minute, but I will talk to him about it…so no one expects that I will be fine. I am just committed to my promise to him to struggle and be patient no matter what happens. This is the summary of the story.”

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