Khalid Al-Nabawy to Her Excellency: I suffered from severe failure of the coronary artery … and fatigue is the cause

The star Khaled Al-Nabawy said while hosting the “Her Excellency” program that he felt very tired in his heart, while conducting a press interview, and told the journalist who is interviewed that he feels very tired, and said a text: “I want to go to the hospital,” noting that his wife spoke quickly To the private doctor, he told her a cell quickly “Qasr Al-Ain” quickly, and Qasr Al-Ain was 14 minutes from my location.

The Prophet added, that he was severely deficient in the coronary artery, and his doctor immediately performed an operation, noting that after the “catheter” woke up to the audience’s love, and the calls he received from the audience, pointing out that he felt the warmth of the words he received from people, which is the motivation The real who made the force overwhelm me, and thanked and appreciated his wife, who provided all the support to him in his tired period, and his entire life.

And the Prophet continued, that exhaustion is the reason, especially the recent works that I submitted, which are “Oasis of the Sunset” and the kingdoms of fire, knowing that I am a “healthy” person eating healthy, athletic and otherwise, but that fatigue struck me, explaining that most of my friends advised me to silver, and extract energy from my body.

Khaled El Nabawy is currently showing a series “Kingdoms of Fire” on a channel cbc It documents the last era of the Mamluks state and its fall at the hands of the Ottomans at the beginning of the sixteenth century and the joining of the Egyptian and Levantine countries to the Ottoman Empire, and the story of the Kingdoms of Fire series reveals many facts about this era.

“Kingdoms of Fire” starring the artist Khaled Al Nabawy, Rashid Assaf, Mahmoud Nasr, Yassin bin Gamra, Suhair bin Amara, Kinda Hanna, Abdel Moneim Amayeri, Nidal Najm, Khaled Najm, authored by Muhammad Suleiman Abdul Malik, directed by the British “Peter Weber”, who presented A number of famous films.


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