‘Khunying Pattama’ reveals that Thailand has organized a World Badminton battle ‘Thomas-Uber Cup 2022’ May next year.

‘Khunying Pattama’ reveals that Thailand has organized a World Badminton battle ‘Thomas-Uber Cup 2022’ May next year.

After the badminton world championship team “Total Energy BWF Thomas-Uber Cup 2020” in Aarhus Denmark On the night of October 15 last Women’s Uber Cup semi-final It is a meeting between the Thai team and the Chinese team, which is like a rematch in the semi-finals. Thomas-Uber Cup 2018 in 2018 hosted by Thailand. At that time, the Thai team was able to defeat the Chinese team 3-2 in pairs and was the runner-up. From the results of the competition, it appears that the Thai team lost 0-3 to the Chinese team in a match, earning a bronze medal for the second time after having done it in 2012 once.

After the end of the competition, Khunying Pattama Leesawattrakul The president of the Badminton Association of Thailand revealed that the Thai women’s team has changed the players this time. Both women’s singles and women’s doubles, which is the consensus of the coaching staff. that have assessed the opposing team that This time, almost every pair was strong. Therefore, it is appropriate to arrange a pair of players that are different from all previous matches, along with “May” Ratchanok Inthanon to join as well. So I hope to turn the situation around like I’ve done before. and has been successful but must admit Something unexpected happened: May’s injury during the match. All athletes are determined to do their best. which had to accept the defeat that occurred

Khunying Pattama added that For the performance of the men’s team And the Thai women’s national team in this list is considered satisfactory. Because the men’s team can reach the final 8 teams, which we quite did not have hopes for. In particular, losing to the favorite team like China, who is a 15-time Uber Cup world champion, is considered that everyone has fought to the fullest. Meanwhile, the women’s team lost to the Chinese team with several pairs of players who recently won medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The women’s team also set a record for winning 1 silver and 2 bronze at the Uber Cup, the 2012 bronze and the 2018 silver. The 2020 bronze medal is an honor for the Thai national team in world-class badminton.

“For organizing the men’s team badminton tournament and the women’s world championship team The 2020 Thomas-Uber Cup has been postponed from last year (2020) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. which is traditionally held every 2 years, so in the next competition Therefore, it is scheduled to be held in the year 2022, in which Thailand has been honored to host the competition once again. After having been organized in the year 2018

Khunying Pattama also said that the competition will be held. “Thomas-Uber Cup 2022” during 8-15 May 2022 and will be followed by the “Toyota Thailand Open” from 17-22 May 2022 in Bangkok. by BWF member countries And athletes from all countries have called for coming to compete in Thailand. and believe in hosting the world-class badminton tournament in Thailand As has already been arranged for many items. therefore inviting Thai brothers and sisters to join as a host to welcome athletes and sports personnel as well as sports fans from many countries around the world who will come to watch the 2022 Thomas-Uber Cup badminton together.

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