“Ki Mera Bobo”…the player who was insulted by Messi breaks his silence

Despite winning the World Cup at the expense of France, the Argentine national team did not reach the top of the FIFA rankings, and contented itself with advancing one place by coming second, behind Brazil.

And the collection of the Argentine national team 64.5 points Through previous matches during the period from October 6 to December 22, including the seven meetings that tango dancers fought in the World Cup in Qatar.

The Argentine national team, which won the World Cup for the first time in 36 years, rose from 1773.88 to 1838.38 points, less than 3 points behind Brazil.

The sports analyst, Hani Al-Lu’lu, said that this result is “normal” in football, given that the points are cumulative.

In his interview with “Al-Hurra” website, the pearl indicates that the process of calculating points is carried out according to very complex mechanisms, which makes the international classification “unimportant for sports fans and even specialists in the game.”

In August 2018, after a long period of testing and analysis of the best way to calculate points in the international rankings, he agreed FIFA Council The legislative body for the laws of the game has a new mechanism for calculating this rating, which is sponsored by Coca-Cola.

The new mechanism is calledSUMWhere it depends on the increase or decrease in the points achieved by a team in a specific match based on the previous total points, instead of calculating the average points of the matches during a certain period of time, as was the case previously.

The new mechanism also includes determining the points that are added to or subtracted from the team through the relative strength of the two opponents, including the rational expectation that the higher-ranked teams should perform better against the lower-ranked teams.

“The audience is looking for excitement.”

FIFA uses complex mathematical algorithms to calculate these points based on the importance of matches, their dates, and the opposing team’s classification.

The pearl explained that the friendly matches are behind the points of the official matches, and that the friendly matches held on FIFA days have higher points than the friendly matches outside those days included in the calendar.

He continued, “The points gained increase as the importance of the match increases. For example, official and continental championship matches are higher than friendly matches, while World Cup matches have a greater share of points and differ from one round to another.”

In order to mitigate the negative effects of losing matches in tournaments, losses in the knockout rounds of final competitions will not lead to deduction of points for the losing team despite the importance of these matches to the winner.

Al-Lu’lu said that the classification of the two teams also takes into account the gain or loss of points in the classification, indicating that the Saudi match greatly affected Argentina in the classification, given that it lost to a team that is considered relatively late in the list.

And it is likely that Argentina will overtake Brazil during the next two months if it continues its positive results or even Brazil falters, especially since the difference between them is small.

The pearl identified one importance for this classification, which is represented in choosing the levels of the teams in the draw of the continental championships and their qualifiers, by presiding over the highest-ranked teams in the groups, which makes the higher-ranked teams avoid meeting each other in the preliminary meetings.

Apart from its use as a reference to determine the levels of the teams in the tournament draw, the classification “has no importance and is not influencing and is not considered an incentive for the teams,” says Al-Lu’lu.

He added, “Belgium topped the rankings for a long time, and little was known about them… The fans are looking for fun and excitement on the field.”

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