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Kiem Udom-Alumni organized activities #To you, who sacrificed, ‘Benja’ leaves a message ‘helping children prepare in prisons’

Kiem Udom-Alumni organized activities #To you, who sacrificed, ‘Benja’ leaves a message ‘helping children prepare in prisons’

At 3:29 p.m. on November 29 at Triam Udom Suksa School Kiem Udom group does not bow to the dictatorship, organizes activities #for you who sacrifice which this activity is organized by alumni current disciple along with showing power to friends who sacrificed for democracy which is held within the fence of Triam Udom Suksa School Phayathai entrance gate By closing the door, not allowing outsiders, including journalists, to enter the school. has announced an invitation to students of Triam Udom School to join Because it is a right and liberty under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2560, do not let anyone block the freedom.

Mr. Sakkarin Chuchuay or Kong, a student of District 82, said that the preparation is the top of the pyramid of society, who is eliminated, education is competition. Children have to go to special education very hard to come to prepare for the entrance exam. This special education has been available since one generation until now. Many people see Triam Udom students as people with social privileges. Which he sees that our duty is to realize why we have privileges. and how to use privileges for the benefit of society What they look for in Triam Udom students is their special qualities that go beyond talent, namely courage, sincerity, and determination, wanting to see society change. everyone that In the future, will you be progressive, modern, or conservative in the narrow world? change not accepted Ask the students of Triam Udom to rise up to be brave. Fight for true democracy Just like the alumni who are currently being held captive.

Raptor Sirapop Attohi, Pol. Gen. 77th Alumni, delivered a speech outside the school fence. that he hadn’t been to school for some reason As we choose the path of democracy because I felt it was the right thing to do. But it must be admitted that it is a lonely path. And it hurts to see the preparatory students walk through the door and ignore this activity. They are friends in the same class as Penguin-Prit Chiwarak, doing activities together with Ms. Benja Apan Loeiying. feel pain

“I want to tell everyone who is listening that Change is not on our side. If we don’t get up and fight together and sacrifice something Finally, how to make change is on our side. It’s not that we only have one or two sacrifices. But everyone had to make sacrifices. to confirm the principle of being equal,” said Raptor-Sirapob.

Attorney June-Sirikan Charoensiri, Pol.64 from the Center for Lawyers for Human Rights, said that this time, in addition to coming as an alumnus, also came as an observer and as a lawyer who met those in prison Back on November 19, 2020, it stated that it was necessary to enforce every section of the law intensively against the protesters. And began to apply the law, Section 112, with a large number of protesters. Let’s call this situation The state in which the state’s power But the prison confines only the body. but can’t hold the thought From the lawyer’s visit to the prison people, he asked to send a message of living in the prison. By Benja said at one point after the punishment order. violate the jurisdiction of the court that “I wonder how much we can question fairness. Whose law is it really? of the people or of anyone”

He also left a message to the younger Kiem Udom, saying, “Please, there are still 2 other Triam Udom children in prison. Penguin and I are delighted to have Triam Udom children. Let’s fight more than the era we live in.”

Then at 5:02 p.m., a statement was read. and held a #standing detention activity for 11 minutes and 20 seconds before the end of the activity

Reporters reported that Ms. Worawan Sae-ang or Pa Pao, 67, and Mrs. Amrat Chokpamitkul, a list of MPs from the Kaw Klai Party attended the observations. While before the start of the assembly Representatives of the bad students came along and brought books. “School survival guide” to distribute to journalists and the general public.

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