Kiki Amalia regrets having married Markus Horison, the reason revealed


Bunda, still remember the pesinetron wedding Kiki Amalia and former national team goalkeeper Markus Horison? His second marriage ran aground after turning his third year.

After deciding to separate, Kiki Amalia has now been a widow for 8 years. This 38-year-old artist admits that he is not yet interested in getting married again.

On the other hand, Kiki Amalia also revealed that she regretted having married a soccer player. He also does not want to return to match with football players.

“Don’t get bored with soccer players, if you can, don’t be with soccer players,” said Kiki Amalia, reported by YouTube Crazy Nikmir Real, Wednesday (9/16/2020).

Kiki also tells about her past when she married Markus Horison. Apparently their marriage was without dating, Bunda.

“At that time, I was a host on one of the TV stations, that was the ball host, then I got to know him, I’m not dating him, so it’s like buying a cat in a sack, I get married right away,” said Kiki.

Kiki said he used to believe that he was married to a soccer player. He even said that it seemed like he didn’t think long about the decision.

“Because I believe it, because I was a woman before, I was still stupid. Around 20 people there are people who want to marry us, why don’t we just try to do it,” he said.

It turned out that when they were all open a year, “he continued.

Kiki has now lived alone for a long time. He also admits that he now has no girlfriend or new partner. This is because Kiki Amalia doesn’t want to choose the wrong partner like she used to do.

“I prefer to choose, who will spend my old age,” said Kiki Amalia.

For information, Kiki Amalia married Markus Horison in 2010. Two years later, Kiki filed for divorce, namely in 2012. Then the two of them officially divorced in June 2013. After divorcing from Kiki, Markus Horizon remarried a woman named Bylqis Juwita Ningsih. Meanwhile, Kiki Amalia is known to be single.

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