Kiko Rivera, saying goodbye to her uncle Riverita: “Give Daddy kisses”


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«Rest in peace Tito. I only regret not having been able to know more. A shame but I keep that gift that I will keep with all the love in the world. Give Daddy kisses. With those emotional words, Paquirri’s youngest son said goodbye to his uncle José Rivera «Riverita», who died yesterday after failing to overcome cancer.

The older brother of the Pozoblanco myth and Kiko Riverthey had recently met in Barbate, in a meeting in which he was accompanied by his brothers Francisco and Cayetano. His uncle, a generous man with a great heart, according to everyone who knew him, gave Kiko a cape, that memory that he now keeps “with all the love in the world.” That meeting took place as a result of the controversy over Paquirri’s inheritance.

Kiko’s brothers also said goodbye through Riverita’s networks with heartfelt messages. So said the one of Paquirri: “The best is always going. There have been many who love you for a long time waiting for you and you, as always, doing your things you have made them wait. You have been different, last art bohemian. I’m going to miss you, Uncle José. See you around. Give kisses up there from my part”.

Cayetano’s message

Very emotional was that of Cayetano:

«Today in heaven they are in luck …

“My age is my wisdom,” he said. On his business card, an endless number of trades, “Torero” of whom he was most proud.

Touched with the wand of God to be a genius but he had nothing as crazy, his thing was another type of delirium, another type of madness.

Passionate about bulls, lover of laughter, able to fly and to make you dream from a chair. His life on a sheet of paper would be colored strokes, flowers, stars, the moon …

The world now, Uncle Jose, is a little worse without the magic of your fantasy. Thank you for your imagination, for teaching me to live from your perspective. Thank you, Uncle José, for having existed in my life.

I’m going to miss you but your memory will be my smile.

I love you, Uncle José, see you on the other shore … ».

The person in charge of communicating the news was José Antonio Canales Rivera: “Good morning, when you wake up, he won’t be with us, but his soul will.” With these words José Antonio Canales Rivera communicated death José Rivera «Riverita», Paquirri’s brother. “Wise man, magician, bullfighter, artist, nice, kind, eternal …”, added Canales.

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