Kilauea volcano in Hawaii: Selfie tourists threatened their lives, warned park rangers – News abroad

Not even the deadly lava can stop social media addicts from taking selfies – right next to the funnel.

The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been emitting lava and toxic gases since December 20th. Nonetheless, dozens of tourists were caught climbing to the summit and taking selfies “to brag about it on social media,” the National Parks and Volcanoes Administration in Hawaii (NPS) announced on Monday. She issued a warning: “Entering the cordoned off areas can have fatal consequences.”

There are a number of so-called safe zones around the volcano from which the eruptions can be easily observed in the distance. But that is not enough for many visitors.

Geologists warn that there are dangerous levels of volcanic gas and glass particles in the air near the summit. In addition, the volcano is very unstable and rockfalls and eruptions can occur.

“Just a small change in wind direction is enough and those affected could inhale a lethal dose of volcanic gas. One misstep on a crumbling cliff edge and they could fall into the huge funnel of molten rock, ”warns NPS chief ranger Jack Corrao.

The rangers do not want to close the park despite the volcanic eruption. Everyone should be able to marvel at the natural spectacle – from the safe zones. “But if we have to concentrate on a few individual crazy people, everyone’s safety is at risk,” says Corrao.

► Kilauea (1247 meters) on the Big Island again spat out lava on Monday. A 134 meter deep lake of molten rock now fills the crater, geologists report. As of December 20, the volcano has emitted more than 10 million cubic meters of lava.


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