Kill 7 members of his family, Shabnam Ali becomes the first woman to be hanged in India

NEW DELHI, – A woman named Shabnam Ali be the first woman who punished hanging of India since the country became independent in 1947.

Shabnam was convicted along with his girlfriend, Salim, for murdering seven family members in 2008 in Amroha District, India.

The Amroha District Court sentenced them both to death India Today, Friday (19/2/2021).

The two convicts attempted to appeal first at the Allahabad High Court and then submitted a defense to the Supreme Court.

However, both courts refused to reduce their sentences. They then sent a petition for forgiveness to the President of India, but this was also rejected.

Now, the court order to execute Shabnam and Salim is estimated to be a matter of days.

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Shabnam, who is locked up in Rampur prison, will be hanged in Mathura prison which was built about 150 years ago.

With this, she will be the first female prisoner detained in India.

Shabnam’s uncle, Sattar Ali, and Shabnam’s aunt, Fatima Ali, looked forward to the day when Shabnam and Salim would be hanged.

Sattar and Fatima admit that they have no sympathy for their nephew and Salim.

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According to them, only the hanging is appropriate for both of them to give justice to their relatives who were killed.

Every year, Sattar and Fatima clean up the seven graves built next to the house and commemorate the victims.

Fatima said Shabnam and Salim deserved to be hanged for the brutal actions they had committed.

Meanwhile, Salim’s mother, Chaman Jahan, said she prays to God day and night.

“Whatever God will do now, we will,” said Chaman.

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Shabnam and Salim were found guilty of murdering Shabnam’s parents, two brothers and their wife, and Shabnam’s 10-month-old nephew in Bawankhedi Village, Amroha District on April 14, 2008.

The couple committed the murder because their family opposed their relationship.

Shabnam is a teacher at the village primary school. He initially pretended that his house was attacked by unknown assailants after killing his family.

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However, Shabnam later confessed that he had helped Salim in the crime by making his family members drink milk laced with sedatives and then strangling his little nephew.

Salim works in a sawmill outside the Shabnam house. The case was tried at the Amroha Court for more than two years.

In 2015, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Allahabad High Court which sentenced them to death.

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