Killed in a stabbing attack at Beit Kama intersection

A 50-year-old man was killed today (Thursday) in a stabbing attack at the Beit Kama intersection north of Rahat, near Highway 6. MDA teams performed CPR on him, while evacuating him to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva in critical condition – where he was pronounced dead. After hours, it was allowed to publish that the dead In the attack is RNA Uri Moyal, 51 years old from Dimona.

The attack took place at the entrance to the Aroma branch in the gas station complex. In the footage from the scene, the terrorist can be seen suddenly stabbing a man from behind who was standing at the cash register in front of the seller. The terrorist and the wounded man fall to the ground, then the wounded man quickly comes to his senses, and following a few seconds shoots the terrorist with a gun – and neutralizes him. The footage shows a third civilian holding the terrorist with his bare hands on the ground – and helping Moyel shoot the terrorist before he attacks him once more.

In the recording of the initial report to the MDA that reached N12, the citizen who called the forces is heard saying: “I’m at the Beit Kema intersection and there was an attack here. Someone shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ and stabbed. The injured person is unconscious. There is no further shooting at the scene. There is no one else injured there.” The operator answered him: “Take a shirt and press on the stab wounds. We’re on our way, don’t take the pressure off him.”

His uncle, the citizen who was seen in the documentation next to the soldier during the attack and was also injured, told News 12: “As soon as I made the order, I saw the terrorist stabbing the soldier – I was literally 10 cm next to him. I was hit in the left knee – I felt bleeding and thought it was the soldier’s blood. It turned out that it didn’t stop coming out, I lifted my pants and saw that I had been stabbed.”

The scene of the attack Photo: Google The terrorist – 22 years old from Mehrat, former resident of Gaza

The terrorist is Fadi Abu Eltaif, a 22-year-old Israeli citizen from Mahrat. His mother is of Merhat origin, and his father is from the Gaza Strip. He was until 2019, until the age of 18, a resident of Gaza, then he moved to Israel and got married here. He arrived at the arena on a scooter, entered the Aroma branch, recognized the man – and stabbed him in all parts of his body. Now, the police raided the terrorist’s house to try to find preliminary signs and to interrogate his family members.

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The scene of the attack at the Beit Kama intersection Photo: Yedidia Harosh, TPS The scene of the attack at the Beit Kama intersection Photo: Ihud Hatzla Barges The helicopter scanning from the air in the area of ​​the Beit Kama junction Photo: 27A

Immediately following the attack, the police began to conduct searches in the area for fear of an accomplice fleeing the scene. As part of the searches, the police also patrolled from the air using a helicopter, and also closed roads in the vicinity. Emergency classes in the nearby settlements were jumped. After regarding an hour, the suspicion of Saeyan’s escape was ruled out.

The scene of the attack Photo: Yedidia Harosh, TPS medic: “There was a lot of commotion in the place”

The injured suffered penetrating injuries to the abdomen and neck. MDA medic Kalman Ganzburg who arrived at the scene said: “We arrived at the scene with large forces, we saw a lot of commotion, and near one of the shops a 50-year-old man was lying unconscious and suffering from penetrating injuries to his body. We immediately put him in the intensive care unit of the MDA and evacuated him to the hospital when he was in critical condition during resuscitation operations.” At the hospital, as mentioned, he was pronounced dead.


The attack is taking place once morest the background of the fear of escalation due to the month of Ramadan that began this week. Just yesterday there was an attack in Jerusalem at the tunnel checkpoint. A 25-year-old security guard and a 19-year-old female soldier were slightly to moderately injured. The terrorist – Muhammad Murad Eshak Abu Hamad, 15 years old from the Bethlehem area arrived at the scene on an electric bicycle. Commissioner Shabtai: “There are those who are trying to set fire to the decree, we will do everything to destroy freedom of worship.”

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